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    didn't we finally smash his Phylactery in WOTLK?
    afaik, no actually, we got his phylactery as a quest item at the end of level 60 naxx, and the person we turned it into just handed it back to the scourge, at the end of level 80 naxx there was no phylactery drop from KT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moozart View Post
    where is mankrik's wife
    I agree, I think it would be more likely to see Mankrik in this scenario than KT.

    Kel'Thuzad wasn't involved with Quilboar before, anyway -- that was another lich.

    And The Quilboar don't have Scourge connections anymore because we killed the ambassador in Razorfen.

    Maybe the other Lich from Razorfen would be there to try again, but KT isn't as likely.

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