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    Shadow AoE build

    With the upcoming changes, has anyone thought about running a build like this for M+?

    Using Legendary ring Soul of the High Priest
    Talent into Fortress of the Mind + Void Ray

    With decent gear (930+), seems like Mind sear would tick for upwards of 200k.

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    Fortress and Void Ray can't compete with their rivals, especially when they're in service to making Mind Flay aoe tick for a little more. At such low values, it just isn't impactful enough.

    Here's my setup for 7.3.

    I have two gear sets, single-target and AoE, that I'll swap back and forth between.

    Single target uses Mangaza's and Sephuz. AoE uses Heart of the Void and Sephuz.

    Talents: Cookie cutter raid spec except Misery for most dungeons. Mindbender for Tyrannical weeks only for certain dungeons.

    This isn't changing in 7.3.5.

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