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    Horde [b][H][US] <The Cold Legion> is recruiting and wants [u]YOU![/u][/b] (9/9 H ToS)

    Have you made the seemingly odd decision to pledge your allegiance to the Horde here on Lightbringer? Are you looking for a home where the food is free and the company is only slightly crazy? Are you looking for a place to raid or just hang out? Then <The Cold Legion> might be the place for you!

    <The Cold Legion> started life as an Alliance guild on Lightning's Blade during TBC, and with the onset of Legion and the Burning Legion coming after our home, moved to Lightbringer and became allied with the Horde. Many of the current raiders have been members of TCL since TBC, and most of our core raiders are veterans of raiding as well as the game in general. As a whole, we are a generally mellow and laid back group of players from multiple backgrounds and locations.

    • Server: Lightbringer [Server Time: PST/GMT -8]
    • Region: US
    • Faction: Horde
    • Current Expansion Progression: 7/7N & 7/7H EN (AOTC 12/20/16), 3/3N & 3/3H ToV (AOTC 04/28/17), 10/10N & 10/10H & 2/10M NH (AOTC 04/14/17), 9/9N & 9/9H ToS (AOTC 10/13/17)
    • WoWProgress Page:
    • Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-9pm PST
    • Loot System: Personal Loot
    • Voice Program: Discord (speaking is not required, but we would love to hear you chat!)
    • Recruiting: We are always looking for more people to fill out our roster. Currently, we are looking heavily for a new OT and more DPS. We are good currently on healers, but as we fill our ranks, we might need a few more!

    • Attendance: We ask that all raiders be on time and in attendance for raids unless real life prevents this. We’re all adults, and we get that things can come up, and real life is always more important than a game. However, we ask that you inform the raid leader or one of the officers if you are going to be missing or late to a raid.
    • Attitude: As previously stated, we are a fairly mellow and laid back guild. While we understand that emotions can run high during raid, especially during progression, we ask that members be respectful of others. While we throw around a heavy amount of sarcasm, playful ribbing, and occasionally crude humor, if someone asks you to stop, respect that.
      • As an aside, there is heavy use of mature and adult language both in guild chat and on Discord. If that is something that would offend you, or you are not of an age where you should be hearing that, then this guild will probably not be for you.
    • Raiding Basics: We ask that new recruits have a basic understanding of the game and its mechanics. While we don’t require you to be a veteran raider, we ask that you understand simple mechanics (eg. Don’t stand in the fire!) and we ask that you use some form of addon to help with raid mechanics (Most of us use DBM and the functionality it provides). We are open to taking new players, but please be able to handle some constructive criticism. Also to reiterate, we require that raiders be on Discord during raid. You don’t need to speak, but as we use Discord for callouts and coordination, we require that you at least listen in.

    TL;DR: <The Cold Legion> is a mature, friendly social/raiding guild looking for new bod- RECRUITS to join us going into Antorus and beyond. We are open to new, returning, and veteran players looking for a place to settle down and have fun with other people. We are willing to help people gear up and offer help for learning their class better or whatever else they may need. We have people in our guild who are willing to tag along and help with all manor of side activities as well, from PvP to running old-school raids for mounts/transmog/fun/achievements.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you, or if you have more questions/concerns/want to debate about why trolls are the best race, feel free to contact myself in game or you can contact one of the following fine people in our guild:

    • Katlamos (Volunteer Guild Barker)
      • Btag: Katlamos#1692
    • Mephet (Actual Recruitment Officer)
      • Btag: supremeslay#1225

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    I would like to join your guild. I am a 906 fury warrior. I started playing wow when legion came out. I have experience in normal and heroic raiding. I am also 2/3 mythic tov. Want to get back into progression raiding. I study any class I play a lot to master the rotation. I also love joking around and am serious when raid time comes. I like your guys raid times a lot since I am central time and am usually on later.

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    Well we are starting progression into Antrous later today was add either Katlamos or myself and we can probably have you run with us tonight if you want.

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    Would you let me run at 912?

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