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    Need advice - Dominator or vengeance

    Hey lads,

    Might I call upon your expertise for advice?

    I only need to buy memory to complete my Z370 system. I have found these 2 types:

    Corsair dominator


    Corsair vengeance

    I prefer the dominator ones because they look better, but the Corsair website states "they're specifically made for X299 systems".

    Which ones should I buy, considering the fact that money is no issue.

    Thanks for the help lads.

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    it really doesnt matter...
    unless you start heavy overclocking and are interested in measuring differences in the 0.% area

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    If money really isn't an option then go for this:


    Currently the best kit on the market.

    But expensive as shit... I bought that a month ago for € 209,-
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    Thanks for your help lads!

    I went with the Dominator.

    Spaze your tip was pretty good too, though I'm not super fond of the whole LED hype and prefer a cleaner look

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    Look up your motherboard and see which kits its supports.

    If you use a kit that it doesn't list, you may (though not necessarily) have trouble loading the XMP profile/getting the rated speeds of the RAM.

    Just something to be aware of; though as I said, the kit may not be listed and still work just fine, the list is just kits/XMP profiles confirmed to work on that particular motherboard and/or bios revision.

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