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    A few Holy Priest questions going into Antorus

    Hi there!
    Preparing for the upcoming raid, I have a few questions:

    - T21 set bonuses seem to be rather lackluster. Depending on the raid encounter, I was glad to have those available holy words, and I'll be sad to switch ofer to rotational healing. On the other hand, I hate depending on gear that is just so many itemlevels below that what's dropping. Should I keep my t20 until the end, or until I have 4 pieces of T21 available?

    - Stat-wise: is it still mastery and crit? Or would we switch to more crit, since the value of hots is decreasing the farther in an expansion we heal?

    - Legendaries: I play with the cape (angel power!) and Velens trinket. Are they still the go-to legendaries? I have several others lying around.

    - Circle of healing: is it a viable choice? Or still garbage? (I read, that it was buffed a while ago, bu never bothered to check it)

    - Binding Heal: Does it serve as a Substitute for Flash heal? Should I even consider this talent? I tried it out once, it felt okay, but I thought my hps was dropping..

    - Now the big one: is Holy in a bad place? I really don't like playing Disc, and would rather switch a class than play disc to be honest. But holy is the spec I play since cataclysm when I started healing. I have the necessary muscle memory, and I did quite good in ToS (topping the meters in healing [and overhealing lol], having some nice brackets in logs...)
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    Tier: I believe the theorycrafting is still ongoing a bit on the exact in and outs but you'll probably hold on to T20 for quite a bit possibly running 4+2
    Stats: stats are relativly lax since INT is king but for 930 shoot for within a 3-5% range 35% crit, 15% haste, 35% mastery, 8% versatility
    Leggos: Cape is great for progression assuming you can proc it, otherwise velens and prydaz
    CoH: Nope, still crap
    BH: Is viable now, piety still ends up on top given that your uptime is on point, otherwise they are very closeV
    Viability: I think throughput wise we are have been in a great spot in T20 the problem is just the same as it has been for this whole expansion we just don't bring anything unique when it comes to raid utility. This is however in my view blown a bit out of proportion. For normal and heroic raiding it's a non-issue, it's also to be frank a non-issue for guilds clearing mythic late to very late tier. As for T21 I don't really see it changing.

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