Hopefully I am allowed to post computer desks in the computer section, If not I apologize in advanced. I am currently in the process of building a new system for myself. While doing that I’m also looking to purchase a new desk to go along with my new system. I am having more trouble finding a desk than actually building the PC so I decided to ask for some help.

Currently I am considering going to IKEA. I really don’t know many other business to shop at for computer desks that are of okay quality. Could anybody give me some input as to where to go to find quality desks?

I am considering going with something like




However I am skeptical about purchasing a glass top desk as I have heard horror stories of them shattering often. Does anybody have experience with a glass top desk? Should I stay clear of purchasing one?

I have also considered just purchasing one of these https://m.ikea.com/us/en/search/?que...=1511565237157 and just making my own desk.

I tend to prefer tabletop type desks that are more modernist than office style desks. I am looking to spend hopefully no more than 300.

What type of desk do you use?