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    Holy DPS Concept Obly

    Holy Word (6 slots) - secondary power. Restore 1% of your HP and 0.5% of a friendly players HP per Holy Word spent.

    Smite - Moderate damage, generates 1-2 Holy Words. Deals 10% more damage per Holy Word spent last.

    Holy Word: Decay
    2 Holy Words
    Deals heavy damage over time to the target. Generates 1 Holy Word on critical strike.

    Holy Word: Destroy
    4 Holy Words
    Castable at 20% or lower, heavy damage.

    Holy Word: Blast
    2 Holy Words
    Deals 40% more damage than smite.

    Holy Fire - Deals moderate damage and applies DoT. Critical hits generate one Holy Word

    Barrage of Light (Channeled) - Deals moderate damage up to 6 times based on your available Holy Words.

    Passive - For every 10% of a friendly players health you heal, gain one Holy Word.

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    A long time ago, I thought that we might get a DPS version of priest with holy spells instead of shadow. I recall reading at one point that from a lore standpoint, this shouldn't happen because holy is all about preserving and restoring life. Holy spells like Smite and Holy Fire originally were not supposed to damage anything but undead creatures.

    I think they changed the nature of Holy for the sake of making the game work and "make sense". It wouldn't have been okay for holy to not have any damaging spells at all because they wouldn't have been able to level...

    In any case, I really like the idea of holy having a DPS variant, especially if it played differently as shadow and served as more of a direct damage style rather than the current dot/void type.
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    I'd love a holy damage spec, especially with voidlords as the big thread in the background it would somewhat make sense to let go of the "pacifistic" way of holy magic.

    they said that holy damage and close combat healing is the area of expertise for Paladins when asked for a combat cleric type of class, so they should either put in an actual shockadin spec or give us a seraph-like of holy damage caster like proposed here.

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    Frankly I don't want the Priest class to have a pure holy damage spec because this would mean that players would be 'forced' or pressured to play it when/if it's stronger than shadow, and I don't think that it would work well with a class with so thematically different specs. Jumping from a void cultist to a holy smiter sounds more extreme compared to every other class' switch, and personally speaking I rolled a shadow priest because of the 'shadow' part (a sort of anomaly among specs), not really the 'priest' one.

    I can understand why other would want it though, it's definitely a missing archetype right now even if Discipline seems to be Blizzard's way to somewhat put it into the game.

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    I understand that sentiment, and i might enjoy plate-caster even more ^^ tank and ranged-dps needs more options than druid

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    Disc should have been the secondary DPS specc for priests, bringing in some hybrid elements from its holy influence (such as barrier) to provide the raid with additional tools.

    they could have done this by making atonement healing be less powerful at the baseline and simply make its maintenance be a lot easier (like longer duration or cooldowns that extend it, or multiple applications)

    keeping the primary focus of disc its damage, but give them cooldowns to aid in times of large raidwide damage

    and for 5 man, talents to make the transfer more powerful but capped at 5 ppl instead of unlimited. Pretty much the current pvp talent tree would be awesome in pve

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