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    [WeakAuras2] Brewmaster Monk Rotation

    Hello there!

    I'm looking at you - fellow brewmaster - and I'm looking for your help.
    I have a WIP WA-string that I'd like to share. I'm creating a all-in-one brewmaster suite, with a rotation-helper, a mitigation-reminder and a unitframe ALL done in WA2. Have a look and tell me what you think.

    Also, if you have input regarding the rotation-helper, PLEASE let me know. I'd want to run smoother, and with any talent-setup.

    So here's the mitigation-reminder. It's an dynamic group, that tells when there's something to interrupt, when Ironskin Brew is missing, when there's 4 seconds left on Ironskin Brew and when you're about to max out on brew charges. It also tells you how many Expel Harm bubbles are around you.

    Here's the rotation-helper. It basically shows you what to press. It's an dynamic group made from the priority list on Icy-Veins.

    Here's the unitframe. It shows you a unit frame (clickable like the Blizzard one), it shows absorb amount, recharging brew charges, an energybar and a normalized staggerbar. There's a castbar overlay on the healthbar, and an "O.K."-symbol for when Blackout Combo is active, and a red "X" when Ironskin Brew isn't active.
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