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    Tier 21 7.3.2 Fury Guide & FAQ

    Click the spoiler tabs to expand sections and reveal more information.
    Not what you're looking for? Try my Wowhead or Icy-Veins guides for simpler write-ups, targeted for beginners.
    This guide is written for Tier 21/Antorus, the Burning Throne. If you're looking for T20 information, use this guide instead.

    Be part of the team, join the Warrior Discord, now serving over 70,000 members.

    Quicklinks: FAQ - Rotations - Stats - Artifact Challenge/Mage Tower


    Arms and Fury in Antorus
    More of a gap than last tier, this time in Fury's favor. Does that mean Fury will outperform Arms overall? Maybe. Arms tends to see bigger gains from Cleave, short or intermittent Execute phases, and lose less from downtime, while Fury should fare better at burst AoE due to new tier bonuses. Ultimately, individual encounter mechanics and popular strategy will be the largest deciding factors.

    My advice is simple - play what you enjoy. If you like something, you're more likely to invest in it, spend time learning the nuance, and be successful at it.

    "Why Bloodbath?"
    It synergizes very well with the T21 bonuses, which in turn synergize well with Soul of the Battlelord, while Inner Rage is devalued by the loss of T20 and general lack of Raging Blow use during the Execute phase.

    The tier bonus and reliance on stacked cooldowns does make Fury's damage burstier, with higher spikes and lower falls, but the damage potential is quite impressive, especially with Execute.

    Spec Bloodbath once you have at least 2p T21, preferably with 4p.

    Artifact: Relics, Traits, and Netherlight Crucible
    Relic traits
    Battle Cry, Enrage, and Unstoppable.

    *DPS Error of ~1k, consider results within that range to be equivalent.

    Netherlight Crucible Traits
    Highly recommended that you sim your own upgrades. See the Netherlight Crucible Guide for assistance.

    *Credit: The entire (herodamage team) for their continued hard work and pretty graphs.

    Crucible Weight Addon String
    Highly recommended that you sim your own upgrades. See the Netherlight Crucible Guide for assistance.

    Gear: BiS, Legendaries, & Trinkets
    BiS in Antorus

    *Not including Warforge or from other sources (Mythic+)

    Ceann+Valarjar is very competitive with Soul+Valarjar, and should be used in encounters with severely diminished Execute phases.

    • Gems: Masterful Argulite or Quick Lightsphere
    • Enchants: Mark of the Hidden Satyr, Binding of Haste or Mastery, Binding of Strength
    • Food: Nightborne Delicacy Platter, or Azshari Salad
    • Potions: Old War for single target, Prolonged Power for multi-target. PP is roughly equal during Execute if you can perfectly time its duration.
    • The difference between Haste and Mastery enhancements tends to be incredibly minor; see the Stats section below.

    T20 v T21 and 6p tier

    T21 and T20 use Soul+Valarjar, 6p tier uses Soul+Ayala's, with equal ilevel tier, which is very unlikely.


    • Kazzalax will decrease in value if stacks are not properly maintained.
    • Sephuz doesn't account for the proc; if it can be reliably procced it dramatically increases in value.
    • Naj'entus and Kil'jaeden are ranked with only one target; against multiple targets their values increase proportionately.

    Notes for use
    • With Kazzalax, Bloodthirst can be used on the pull immediately before Battle Cry to start the stack.
    • With Ayala's, Execute should be used ahead of Bloodthirst when Enraged.
    • Kil'jaeden's should be used during Battle Cry, preferably against multiple targets. It's not affected by Avatar or Enrage and automatically crits, but does benefit from Unrivaled Strength (which is actually a bug).
    • The strength of tier-slot legendaries is high enough to outweigh 6p tier combinations of T19 and T20 bonuses.

    Fury doesn't have much room for trinket customization, as one slot will be dedicated to Convergence of Fates, and the other to a Pantheon trinket. If not using one or the other, refer to these lists.

    *Credit: The entire (herodamage team) for their continued hard work and pretty graphs.

    • Convergence of Fates does not require a high ilevel to be effective, although the additional strength is beneficial. Keep in mind that some encounters will require Battle Cry to be delayed, which can significantly devalue the trinket.
    • AoE trinkets such as Umbral Moonglaives are still situationally useful. See upcoming Boss section for notes on use (coming soon™).

    Why CoF is still good
    Ignoring Haste for the sake of simplicity:

    Over the course of a minute, CoF gives roughly 25s of CDR (5x5); nerfing that down to 4s reduces the CDR to 20s (4x5).

    That's not the same as reducing BC's CD by 25(20)s, however, because BC isn't on a 1m CD. It's on a 50s CD, reduced by Odyn's Champion for an average of ~40s.

    So at 5.16 RPPM, or avg 11.62 seconds per proc, you would only fit 3-4 procs within the adjusted CD of BC, giving you 15-20 (12-16)s of reduction per Battle Cry.

    Then take into account that the CDR takes place during the natural cooldown over time, which reduces the overall amount of procs per cycle; in actuality 3-4 procs is more like 2-3 if you're lucky, or even 1-2 if you're not.

    Therefore, instead of getting 5-15s of reduction (avg 10s), the change to 4s per proc makes that 4-12s (avg 8s) per Battle Cry, making it a very ineffective change.

    Pantheon Trinkets in Antorus

    • Warriors can only obtain Aggramar's (Tank), Khaz'goroth's (Strength), and Aman'thul's (Wildcard).
    • While Aman'thul's Vision starts out stronger at ilevel 1000, Khaz'goroth's Courage can be upgraded over time with Pantheon's Blessing and has the better Empowerment.
    • Empowerment only works inside Antorus, and requires overlapping four unique trinket buffs (substituting any number of Aman'thul's) within the raid at the same time, which will trigger the secondary buff on only those four players.

    See my WoWhead article for more information on Pantheon mechanics.


    • Substitute War Machine when adds are present.
    • Wrecking Ball is worth using if you're consistently using Whirlwind outside of cooldowns, such as in Mythic+.
    • Bounding Stride and Warpaint are interchangeable depending on the need for mobility or damage reduction.

    Other Talents

    • Massacre and Carnage replace Soul of the Battlelord with Ceann-ar Charger.
    • Carnage is very competitive when there is no Execute phase, or in sustained cleave (Mythic+) - see the Rotation section below.
    • Frothing is still stronger when dealing AoE only during Battle Cry.
    • Inner Rage isn't very competitive in raids, but does smooth out the damage profile, and is still very useful in short/intermittent combat, such as open world questing, due to non-reliance on Enrage.

    The Forgotten Ones
    • Fresh Meat doesn't provided a large enough buff to ensure Bloodthirst critical strikes, or last long enough in raid encounters.
    • Shockwave or Storm Bolt can be used, but there are plenty of other classes which bring stuns without opportunity cost.
    • Outburst has very little DPS potential, since Enrage can be reliably triggered with Rampage and Battle Cry.
    • Furious Charge has some benefit while leveling or chaining solo combat, but isn't practical for group content with healer roles.
    • Bladestorm doesn't perform well due to not fitting inside Enrage or Battle Cry, and competing with Odyn's Fury.
    • Dragon Roar's buff is outclassed by the extra time added by Reckless Abandon.


    "Can I copy this for my own videos without crediting anyone?"

    Note: > means greater than, not and then. This means it's a priority list, not a step-by-step sequence.
    Note: -> means and then, not greater than. This means it's a step-by-step sequence, not a priority list.

    New in 7.3.5
    • T21 favors Bloodbath, which makes the rotation less sequential, and introduces duplicate casts, something that doesn't happen with Inner Rage.
    • The 2p bonus ignites in the same manner as Trauma, so it doesn't interact with buffs (Enrage, Battle Cry) or require any micromanagement.
    • The 4p bonus lasts buffs all Rampage damage during its duration and lasts 1s longer than Battle Cry, allowing it to catch the "tail end" of Rampages cast just before Battle Cry starts or just before it ends.
    • This guide only covers Tier 21 rotations, however, the 7.2.5 guide is still valid for T20.

    Single Target w/ Bloodbath & Frothing
    Outside Battle Cry
    Rampage (100 rage) > Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > Furious Slash
    • Wait for 100 rage before using Rampage, in order to trigger Frothing Berserker.
    • Unlike the Inner Rage, this will cause Raging Blow (nraged) or Furious Slash (not) to be used twice in a row between Bloodthirsts, when not able to Rampage. This means you will have lulls in the rotation while not Enraged with nothing to press except Furious Slash.

    This should look something like: 100 Ramp -> BT -> RB -> RB -> BT -> FS -> FS -> BT -> RB -> 100 Ramp... prioritizing according to the above.

    During Battle Cry
    Rampage -> Battle Cry + Bloodbath > Rampage > Odyn's Fury > Bloodthirst > Rampage > Raging Blow
    • Rampage can and should be used immediately prior to Battle Cry, even with less than 100 rage, in order to push its last two hits into Battle Cry.
    • Do not wait for 100 rage, instead use Rampage as often as possible during Battle Cry to benefit from the tier bonus.

    This should look like: Rampage -> BC+BB -> Ramp -> OF -> BT -> RB -> Ramp -> BT -> RB
    • Increased rage generation from Odyn's Glory, Pulse of Battle, Oathblood, Valarjar Berserkers, and Ceann-ar Charger can allow extra Rampages, which should be used immediately.

    Outside Battle Cry
    Bloodthirst > Execute > Raging Blow > Furious Slash
    • Use Bloodthirst on cooldown for Rage and Enrage, while spamming Execute to build as many Juggernaut stacks as possible. Raging Blow or Furious Slash are only used when Rage starved.
    • Odyn's Fury can be used outside of Battle Cry, while rage starved and preferably while enraged, both for damage and the chance of bonus rage generation from Odyn's Glory.

    Juggling Frothing Berserker during Execute
    Does not work with Bloodbath.

    Massacre with Soul of the Battlelord
    Execute -> Execute -> Massacre -> Execute -> Execute -> Massacre
    • Spam Execute, using Rampage to maintain Enrage, and Bloodthirst or Odyn's Fury when rage starved.
    • Typically you only want to use two Executes between Massacre, to help maintain rage. Three Executes can be used with enough Haste, but will quickly rage starve, and isn't recommended unless Battle Cry is about to come off cooldown.
    • Frothing will still be applied upon activating Battle Cry.

    During Battle Cry
    Precast Massacre -> Battle Cry -> Execute -> Execute -> Execute -> Massacre/Bloodthirst -> Execute -> Execute -> Massacre/Bloodthirst
    • Regardless of which rotation is used above, the cooldown rotation remains the same. Precast Rampage will jumpstart Enrage, Battle Cry will generate 100 rage and proc Frothing Berserker, dump Rage during Enrage with Execute, and Bloodthirst/Massacre will apply/maintain Enrage. If you're unable to precast Massacre, open with BC + Execute followed by Massacre.

    Using Carnage
    With T21, Carnage is behind Frothing due to a lack of usefulness during the Execute phase. When no Execute takes place, however, Carnage is very competitive with Frothing, making it ideal for encounters with constant cleave (not to be confused with intermittent burst AoE) such as Mythic+.

    The rotation is very similar, with two main differences:
    • Don't wait for 100 rage to use Rampage.
    • Outside of Battle Cry, Rampage can be delayed if already enraged, as long as it's used before rage cap. Done correctly, Furious Slash is almost never used.

    During Battle Cry, Rampage should be used as often as possible without delay. With Ceann, Valarjar, and enough Haste, Rampage can even be chain cast (in these cases, use Odyn's Fury after the first Rampage).

    Two targets
    Bloodthirst on cooldown and Rampage with Meat Cleaver, prioritize Whirlwind ahead of Raging Blow whenever Meat Cleaver is not up, otherwise continue to use Raging Blow and Furious Slash to fill.

    Three+ targets
    Bloodthirst on cooldown, Whirlwind ahead of Raging Blow and Furious Slash.

    Eight+ targets
    Spam Whirlwind; use Rampage for Enrage.

    During Battle Cry
    Whirlwind -> Battle Cry + Bloodbath -> Rampage -> Odyn's Fury -> Whirlwind -> Rampage -> Whirlwind -> Bloodthirst

    • Prestack Whirlwind and alternate Rampage, Whirlwind, and Bloodthist for maximum burst while maintaining Enrage. With Carnage or increased rage generation, Rampage as much as possible, Whirlwinding before each to ensure it cleaves.

    Notes for Cooldown use
    • Sync cooldowns as much as possible for maximum burst potential.
    • Battle Cry should be used on cooldown as much as possible, to avoid wasting Convergence procs.
    • Macro Bloodbath into Battle Cry even when not using Convergence of Fates.
    • Avatar can be used up to 10 seconds ahead of Battle Cry, but it has a minor potential gain, at the cost of more micromanagement.
    • Odyn's Fury is best used during Battle Cry, after Rampage, and while Enraged.
    • Convergence of Fates will cause Battle Cry to come off cooldown before Odyn's Fury, desyncing them. Delay Odyn's Fury for Battle Cry, rather than the other way around.
    • Potion of the Old War should be used with Battle Cry, Avatar, and Heroism if possible. It is stronger than Prolonged Power on single target, even during the Execute phase.
    • On-use trinkets should be used with Battle Cry, while Enraged.

    Note: Statistical data shown uses the BiS list, though findings include a range of profiles between 930-970 ilvl, with various legendaries, and all artifact traits including 24 points in Concordance.

    Stat Weights

    For Khaz'goroth's Courage empowerment, Mastery and Haste are effectively equal, though Mastery will perform better if the empowerment happens to line up with burst AoE. Regardless, you will always want more Haste and Mastery, and there's no realistic soft-cap or breakpoint which causes them to fall significantly below Versatility or Critical Strike. Unless it comes with a notable ilevel gain, or another special separate bonus, minimize Critical Strike as much as possible.

    Sim yo'self
    It's important to understand the general relationship between stats, but when presented with multiple stats with near equal values, stat weights can just as often be misleading, since a strong weight may not always stay that strong. Generally speaking, Mastery tends to remain consistently strong and Critical Strike consistently weak, while Haste and Versatility fluctuate the most, but to use stat weights effectively, you should ideally re-sim every time your stats change by more than a few percent.

    This is also why "sim your own stat weights to find out which is best for you" is a good general rule, but not always good advice - if you only do it once and aren't constantly reevaluating, your stat weights will only show a snapshot in time, and may not project far enough ahead to give an accurate assessment of long-term growth, nor do they account for trading one stat for another. You could very well have stat weights which favors Mastery, change all of your gems and enchants, only to find yourself worse off than before, with Haste as the new top weight. There's a very good blog post on PeakofSerenity about this.

    There are a lot of them, actually. The most important ones are ~27% Haste, with another ~50% which is generally out of reach without a large haste buff (Heroism, Frenzy, War Machine).

    Each of these steps at 17%, 21%, 30%, 37%, 42%, and 50% (values rounded) are also breakpoints, with even smaller steps interspersed between. Remember, breakpoints aren't always as straightforward as "more GCDs during Battle Cry", but can be associated with Enrage, Frothing Berserker, Rage generation, tier bonuses, and so on - meaning your particular gear may shift, add, or remove them entirely.

    With Ceann-ar Charger, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility are all fairly consistent, with Haste ahead, Verse/Mastery nearly identical. Note the significant drop with any loss of Haste (moving left).

    With Soul of the Battlelord, Haste and Mastery are fairly well intertwined, with a slight peak at ~+1300 Haste (30-31%), and a notable drop off at -1000 (26%). This profile sitting between two breaks illustrates how quickly Haste can go from an average stat to a very important one, depending on how close you are to those points.

    When using Soul of the Battlelord, trading Haste for Mastery is favorable up until that same point (~26% Haste).

    Without Convergence of Fates, crit rises dramatically, and provides the best balance of stats overall, though Haste still has notable breakpoints (see left side deprecation), and this balance isn't enough reason to drop CoF altogether.

    These examples show why it's good to sim your own stats regularly, rather than just once and assuming those weights will remain consistent; however, there remains a constant in that Haste and Mastery remain universally strong stats and they rarely drop for any length of time. Therefore, the easy rule is to simply prioritize those, and sim close gear changes when necessary.

    Use at your own risk; individual gear and resulting stat weights won't necessarily match these. Keep in mind that Pawn does not account for bonus effects and can end up misleading unless constantly updating the string after gear changes.

    ( Pawn: v1: "T21 Soul-Fury": Class=Warrior, Spec=Fury, Strength=23.91, CritRating=36.74, HasteRating=47.69, MasteryRating=52.70, Versatility=49.91 )

    ( Pawn: v1: "T21 Ceann-Fury": Class=Warrior, Spec=Fury, Strength=25.46, CritRating=38.13, HasteRating=53.22, MasteryRating=48.36, Versatility=52.36 )

    Artifact Challenge/Mage Tower

    Although I had a series of sub 10% wipes, I got pretty lucky with the timing of her abilities on the kill, so although the fight is mostly scripted, there is an element of RNG and some variance within her phases. If you feel as though you're doing everything correctly, but just getting stomped by certain combinations during the fight, I suggest trying to push her phases at different times.

    Tips & Tricks
    • The fight is about control; while the high DPS requirement makes it feel like a DPS race, it's actually a survivability one. You're better off saving cooldowns to deal with her adds (Umbral/Scorching Imps), rather than trying to simply burn her health down quickly. There's no enrage, so if you handle the adds well, you'll take less damage, and can keep the fight going as long as need be. I didn't even realize I killed her on my kill, being so focused on dodging mechanics, her defeat took me completely by surprise.
    • Drums reset with each attempt now, though I still found them better to use during the latter portion of the fight - if you can't make it through Phase 1, you're not going to make it through Phase 2 anyway.
    • Kiting the Fuming Imps with Piercing Howl is a valid strategy, though I found it more difficult due to losing GCDs, and often requiring me to kite away from the adds I was trying to kill. Ideally, you'll stack all of the Fuming Imps void zones atop one another to the side or under the boss.
    • Pummel will sometimes not interrupt her channel, even if her shield is down. I haven't looked into the cause, though I believe I only ever saw it happen during phase 1.
    • I'd recommend at least 900 ilvl equipped. It can certainly be accomplished with lower, but it will be increasingly more difficult to meet the damage and survivability checks.

    • Talents - Shockwave/Wrecking Ball/Warpaint are alternatives, but I found that the adds were rarely grouped well enough to stun more than one or two at a time, and focusing on killing extra targets within cooldown windows emphasized the use of Furious Slash (with T19 4p tier) rather than Wrecking Ball-Whirlwind spam.
    • Spiced Wildfowl - Not incredibly important, but works pretty well due to the high mobility requirement and frequent adds.
    • Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus is ideal, as it's shield can save your life if you're hit by a stray boulder, leave her shielded too long, or allow too many Imps to stack up.
    • Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles are key in allowing you to recover from mistakes. Prydaz will keep you alive, but you'll be in a vulnerable position until it comes up again, while Mannoroth's extra healing will allow you to heal up quicker.
    • Naj'entus's Vertebrae seems good, though I don't think I'd recommend it. Done correctly, the strategy revolves around bursting down groups of adds during cooldowns, outside of which you shouldn't need to be Whirlwinding much.
    • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish is a great option for taking out groups of Imps quickly, though I don't think it's required, and given the option would probably favor defensive legendaries instead.
    • Gronntooth Warhorn - While the trinkets stat increases are underwhelming, the extra damage against demons applies to all targets within the scenario. Certainly not required, in fact there's a lot of leeway with regards to trinkets.
    • Convergence of Fates - Also not required; Battle Cry is best saved to handle large groups of adds rather than used on cooldown, though Convergence allows it to be used a bit more frequently which helps break her shield. You will need to have a good understanding of the fights timing to use it effectively.

    See also my step-by-step guide to the encounter on WoWhead: You can also find a more comprehensive step-by-step guide to the scenario in my WoWhead guide.

    Or Naeno's excellent write-up.

    As always, this guide is a living document; updates and beautification are an ongoing process.

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    First and thanks for the great guide

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    Always ever so thankful for these guides to lend a hand! ^_^

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    So we macro BB to BC (with CoF equipped), and therefore at no time do we use BB outside of BC, correct?

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    Archi being the real MVP as always

    Thank you again for these posts <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz
    MMO champion for example used to be the center of WoW theorycrafting

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    Thanks mate!

    Bothering doing one for Arms to? Or is it just us Patrons that get that? =)
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    No more inner rage? What is this madness. This will be a lot to get used to.

    Edit: Thanks for the guide Archimtiros.
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    So how and when would you say we should switch to the bloodbath spec? when we got our t21 our already prio to it?

    P.S somehow i feel like playing without inner rage is going to feel a bit less smooth XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostblade View Post
    So how and when would you say we should switch to the bloodbath spec? when we got our t21 our already prio to it?

    P.S somehow i feel like playing without inner rage is going to feel a bit less smooth XD
    Would also like to know this.

    As someone that doesn't understand the extent of the work behind these guides (and all the things top warriors do to figure this stuff out) I'd love more information that explains why these are the changes. In Antorus I'd eventually transition to all this new stuff but I'd feel pretty stupid about the whole thing as I constantly ask: 'but why should I do this now?'

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    Many thanks for your work and guides Archi !!

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    I'm starting to love Fury again, but I feel like my damage isn't that great(ilvl 926 in Fury gear) in M+ (the only thing I do, so T21 is out of the picture). I think what happens is that I get overwhelmed when too many things are proccing at once and I haven't a clue which ability to use next. I've got around 35% haste, and upwards of 75% when War Machine procs so I abilities are coming off cooldown like mad.

    Forgive me sounding like a nub, but I was using Icy Veins up to this point. My main question is what's the most important ability we need to focus, BT, Rampage, or Raging Blow? I was under the impression that getting as many RBs off during Enrage periods was priority one, but the IV guide kinda indicates that using BT over RB during Enrage is important.

    I've also got the class ring leggo, so that complicates my Execute phase more. Can anyone provide a little help?

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    Do you even use execute with carnage build against mythic + bosses or do you just prioritize rampage all the time when boss encounter is short? Also thanks for the guide, keep it up!

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    I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy Bloodbath all that much. I tested it out on a dummy several times, and while it's not as bad as the chore that is Arms it makes our damage spikier than ever, the rotation outside of BC isn't really great IMO. Oh well, it is what it is.

    On that note, it seems Bloodbath's performance hinges a lot on burst AoE and the execute phase. In the case of a bad execute phase (due to mechanics or farm kills), would Inner Rage be competitive?

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    Thank you Archimtiros!
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    great guide, thanks!
    which spec will probably excel more in m+ with t21, fury or arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieces View Post
    great guide, thanks!
    which spec will probably excel more in m+ with t21, fury or arms?
    I doubt we'll ever be able to match the sustained cleave of Sweeping Strikes, but Bloodbath + Battle Cry + Odyn's Fury + tier bonus on a Meat Cleaver'd Rampage should make for some pretty disgusting burst AoE.

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    One question about BC & OF tho, is it worth delaying BC lets say ~5sec to ensure OF can be used?

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    With rampage being desirable to cast right before BS, how often should we be holding BS or rampage to make that happen?

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    nice work as per usual arch.
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    In case anybody likes to use sound cues for Rampage, I updated my Weak Aura to have a sound cue* play at 85+ rage with BC up (as well as it playing at 100 rage without BC up). Sharing it here in case anybody is interested in using it:

    *might want to change the sound to your fitting, once imported go to the actions tab and change the sound to whatever else you might prefer

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostblade View Post
    So how and when would you say we should switch to the bloodbath spec? when we got our t21 our already prio to it?

    P.S somehow i feel like playing without inner rage is going to feel a bit less smooth XD
    It's looking like you'd probably be wanting to simply switch once you get your 4pc but I could be wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clayney0 View Post
    One question about BC & OF tho, is it worth delaying BC lets say ~5sec to ensure OF can be used?
    I would imagine that it'll work like it has been before: it depends. If in an AoE situation, you'd probably want to hold that BC. If ST, you'd probably want to hold the OF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cityfella View Post
    Thanks mate!

    Bothering doing one for Arms to? Or is it just us Patrons that get that? =)
    Somebody on the Discord (I think Corejo) mentioned that the compendium will be updated soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz
    MMO champion for example used to be the center of WoW theorycrafting

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