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    Hunter MM rework idea for BfA

    base attack abilities

    single target

    Steady shot -restore 15 focus on finish of cast (even if miss/dodge/block/immune)
    the hunter casts for 2.5 seconds to deal X damage and , cast able while moving no CD

    Aimed shot 50 focus
    3.5 second cast time dealing X damage, cast able while moving, if the hunter did not move during the cast he is refunded 25 focus

    mastery -passive- Marksman's Focus, when you generate 200 focus (through steady shot or aimed shot refunds) you gain 25+MasteryValue% bonus critical strike chance for 5 seconds after using your first focus spender (aimed shot, explosive shot exc) [this will be displayed under the hunters focus bar similar to how boomkin druids eclipse works], you cannot gain focus to this effect while the buff is active


    Multi shot 10 focus instant cast
    hit all targets within 10 yards of your primary target and apply them with hunters mark for 5 seconds and dealing X damage

    Marked shot 25 focus instant cast
    deal X damage to all targets effected by your hunters mark, consuming the mark (you can do multiple multi shots for wider spread damage before using marked shot) Marked shot critical strikes refund 3 focus

    special mentions

    -lone wolf of now baseline but works like the WoD version where you gain or lose the buff depending on if you summon a pet

    -Rapid Fire, increase the hunters haste by 40% for 10 seconds

    -Lock and Load, after landing a critical strike with any ability you have a 20% chance your next aimed shot / explosive shot becomes instant and free

    Hunters Discipline - reduces the focus refill of Marksman's Focus to 150

    Sniper training- while standing still increase your haste by 3% per second up to 30%, this buff is lost fully on movement except when using disengage or re-position to move

    Steady focus-after 2 consecutive steady shots without moving you gain steady focus, increasing the focus regen from steady shot and aimed shot by is increased by 5

    T 30
    Re-Position-replaces disengage
    remove all movement impairing effects and increase your move speed by 150% for 4 seconds, when this effect ends you are rooted in place for 1 second

    Post haste
    when you use disengage you gain 60% move speed for 7 seconds (disengage removes movement impairing effects baseline now)

    Aspect of the Alpha- your aspect of the pack now gives 30% bonus move speed to the hunter and pet instead of 15% (this is based on the preview we got of aspect of the pack returning as a raid buff), this value increases to 90% if the hunter is running toward his pet [this opens interesting re-position mechanics for the hunter and a faster pet recall to hunter]

    Explosive shot-replaces aimed shot- costs 35 focus instant cast
    Deal X damage to the target over 3 seconds (does not restore focus for MM mastery this is intended and why it has the lower focus cost)

    quick shot, instant cast-50 STORED focus (35 focus if you took Hunters discipline) [the mastery pool focus] but you can no longer gain the effect of Marksmans focus, instead all mastery is converted to haste and critical strike (if you have 100 mastery rating with this talent it will change to 50 haste and 50 crit) this would deal damage that is about 15% weaker than an aimed shot

    Deadly Aim-critical strikes from abilities restore 5 focus


    Its a Trap!- disengage or re-position root all nearby enemies for 4 seconds

    Binding shot-unchanged

    backup plan- Feign death now leaves a target dummy in the spot you feign deathed, causing any creature that was attacking you to attack the target dummy for 3 seconds or until it dies (it would have hp equal to the hunters when he uses feign death) [it would work similar to mage clones]



    Deadly Marking- Marked shot now poisons the targets for X damage over 7 seconds

    Deadly Barrage- multi shot no longer costs focus and deals 100% more damage to marked targets


    Marksmans nest - 2 min CD
    the hunter roots himself in place for 10 seconds and increases his active focus regen by 100% (steady shot restores 30 focus, aimed shot crit restores 50 focus)

    poisoned munition-steady shot and auto attacks poison the target for 15 seconds dealing X damage, upon refreshing all remaining damage is moved over to the new dot

    Vulnerable-upon critically striking a target, that target becomes causing your auto attacks against that target to restore 2 focus


    Deadly Aim-your abilities deal 50% more critical strike damage (bigger hits)

    Steady focus-reduce the cast time of steady shot by .5 seconds (faster pace)

    Master Marksman- when you enter Marksman's focus you can now gain focus toward your next Marksman focus Proc up to 100 focus

    Utility section

    if it is not mentioned it stays as is

    camo no longer has a duration but cannot be used in combat, CD starts as you leave camo, it is also baseline

    disengage now baseline removes movement impairing effects

    this is an idea thread and i have not played in almost a year due to atrocious hunter design so let me know if you feel i missed something important, numbers would be tuned after the fact

    my goal of this was to add an interesting play-style to MM, make old SV live on through it (serpent sting now procs from Marked shot Deadly marking talent and from poisoned munitions and explosive shot is an option) and in general letting the talents revolve around play-style changes instead of active abilities (but there are some of those in there as well)

    as you can see the base rotation is very simple, there is even a talent option to basically remove the use of mastery for people who don't want to deal with it (quick shot) that has its own advantages to taking it (more upfront instant damage instead of relying on bonus critical strike chance)

    anyway this is mainly a bse idea of a MM dps rotation, utility and such were not the main focus of this thread

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    Honestly, it wouldn't work out, due to the movement limitations alot of the talents have.. Especially killing the PVP scene.
    It does have some good ideas, and I agree that a few changes would be welcome - Camo baseline, Disengage removing roots and such.. But I don't think we are getting rid of Arcane shot/Multishot as focus generators as they are the original ranged hunter attacks in the game.

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    I'd rather they just revert everything to WoD MM because it was godlike.

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    Reverting back to old hunter designs wont happen unfortunately. I would love the hunter to go back to cata days. In a game like this though, developers need to move forward, not back. Otherwise theres no real point of them having a job. I have my own design that im trying to link that combines old and new and adds some much needed flair to a terrible vulnerable system. Right now, this site isnt letting me post links but i will try and create a new thread

    - - - Updated - - -

    I really do hope they revert away from arcane shot and multishot being focus generators. Taking away the damage of those shots severely limits our mobile dps, which is one of the main problems i have with my mm hunter currently

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    true enough

    another idea is to remove basically all of the movement restrictions i made and just make the mastery decay its stored focus on movement, which would also give more control for our mastery procing (if that mastery gets put in)

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    I would like to see some changes to the legion version. But not that many.
    - Aimed Shot usable while moving, if you move during the cast Aimed Shot doesn't benefit from vulnerable.
    - Marking targets removed, arcane shot/multishot apply hunters mark directly.
    - patient sniper: when you apply vulnerable to a target the damage of your next two aimed shots is increased by 30%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarfallz View Post
    I'd rather they just revert everything to WoD MM because it was godlike.
    WOD MM was good because of the tier bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nToxik View Post
    WOD MM was good because of the tier bonus.
    If you like instant cast spam, I guess. That is not what made the spec great, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarfallz View Post
    If you like instant cast spam, I guess. That is not what made the spec great, though.
    Sadly, most people's idea of great for this class involving running and jumping around like a spaz while spamming instant casts.
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    They just need to remove Patient Sniper and I'd be pretty happy with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Revi View Post
    Stop equating casual to bad, they're two different things.
    Casual refers to time/effort spent.
    Bad refers to skill.
    Your English isn't casual, it's bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craaazyyy View Post
    cata mm pls
    This would make me so happy. Cata hunter was the most fun

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