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    [H] Holy PriestProt Paladin LF Raiding Guild

    Holy priest main looking for a more regular, reliable raid guild going into Antorus and beyond. Current guild is nice but not a great fit for me. I am 9/9H ToS from pugs.

    Looking for an active HORDE guild on a Horde-heavy PVE server. I am not looking for a srs bsns super competitive hardcore bleeding edge mythic progression guild. I am happy with heroic difficulty but would like a guild that I could potentially step into mythic with.

    I am EST and looking for evening raids. After 8pm on Tue/Thur, flexible any other day. No late nights.

    I play WoW to have fun. I am an adult with a life and a job, I am not interested in a guild that will try to force me to play WoW as a second job. I am willing to do 2-3 nights of raiding a week with no preference either way.

    Battle tag is Syn#1512, realistically I'm probably not going to check this thread again so hit me up.

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