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    Nenah: What's worse, the magics Balthazar used to contain him are beyond the judge's power to break.
    Nenah: They exist at Balthazar's will.

    I guess, though I'd think Joko would be pretty front and center if he was free. I admit, I never got Factions, so maybe there's an element I'm missing, but his ability to Awaken anyone, especially en masse, I dunno. An ill defined power that we'll overcome I'm sure while it's still powerful enough that it's hard to understand why he didn't take Tyria unprepared long ago.
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    I know I'm late but I just started playing the game again and just did the first episode.

    Really fun boss fights with lots of hectic moments, or I'm just bad from not playing for ages. I like playing with daggers on my Thief, but found myself just using pistols for the bosses as I'd just die in melee. Last fight was really fun figuring out what to do, although pretty simple in the end.

    Looking forward to more hectic fights in episode 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    Looking forward to more hectic fights in episode 2!
    Boss with portals is far more interesting than wyvern and Scruffy, so you won't be disappointed.
    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    Looking for Raid.
    They never found one though

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