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    Which trinkets for holy priest in Antorus?

    What trinkets should i get from Antorus?

    Im going for the mana trinket for long fights but what else you think is BiS?

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    I would say Vision trinket is BiS if you're lucky enough to get one.

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    I personally think the mana trinket is not needed for holy as you can smoothly tune healing aggression on a reactive healer like holy according to the situation.

    Also taking into consideration the power level of alternate trinkets, Velens and Vision are superior. Machinations should also be not underestimated in attrition based encounters (which are the only fights you consider using mana trinkets anyway). Carafe is definitely up there though. It all depends on your luck on which trinkets you get and ilvl.

    My only issue is Eonar's; seems hard to evaluate but so far looks like trash.

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    Highfather's Machination is really solid
    Quote Originally Posted by Pet0r-the-Pan View Post
    i would only buy a flying potato

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeetHaxor View Post
    Highfather's Machination is really solid
    Its borderline broken.

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    I was thinking something like :

    Velen > Amanthul > Eonar (not only for personnal benefit but also for the whole raid) > Highfather's Machination (very strong actually, i have a lot of hope on this effectivness in Mythic Raid) >= Asterie (depending on item level) > Hand of KJ (alternative to Highfather's Machination)

    But considering Amanthul & Eonar are personnal loot veryweek that we can't bonus roll, i would say Velen > Highfather's Machination > Pray for something from Argus.

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    I got a epic pantheon from normal 945, i was going to keep using my 920 deceivers instead of velens and use another legendary like muze's because the t21 set bonus gives you brownie points for casting poh before fh. its a tough choice for me, i could go pantheon/deceivers or pantheon/velens. my holy pala alt got a 930 highfather's from the timewalking weekly box. it actually procs and stacks quite a lot. like nearly if not every heal places a stack.

    i like the deceivers it saves tanks, but velens + hymn is an insane healing combo it buffs that hymn by a pretty large amount. I do prefer equips rather than on use it requires less attention. 2 use trinkets was getting kind of annoying, the pantheon trinkets eonar, its obviously not going to be that great until more ppl have them in the raid. but ill use it for a bit and try it out.

    edit: after a pug heroic tomb, eonars did about 4.5% of my healing with prydaz still doing like 6%, I think eonars is obviously the better choice if you have more of them or enough to proc the secondary effect, i hear the secondary proc only actually procs inside antorus, but if you have 4 of those trinkets the secondary proc is quite powerful, 4 flash heals totalling a 1mil absorb i guess it depends on how long that proc lasts, if its 15 seconds you might not get to use up those buffed flash heals but in a raid encounter you most likely would get to cast 4. i felt like the primary proc triggered quite often and even overlapped, i'm sure i saw 2 blossoms at least, with the heal tick (at least the ilvl i have) was critting for about 480k so not a shabby heal and it will kinda pick the person who is low not just randomly heal anyone.
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    Machination is awesome. I play machination + panthéon. Around 15% of my heal.

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    Sea Star is still pretty strong if you have a high mythic or heroic titanforge. Machination is good during progression, Eonar scores even better than Amanthul. I personally think velens is not worth the effort for me, but some priests surprise me and have velens in their top 4... I guess i just cant use it

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    You use velen to spam poh hard and pad the meters. Ez orange logs.

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    Please don't necro, especially with wrong/anecdotal information.

    Velen's and vision are both in a class of their own, with nothing else coming even close. Highfather's is a third best choice, with no close competitors. Other trinkets can only compete in very specific circumstances, like star on farm bosses where you pretty much only cast PoHs, or DGD where it's always effective but never procs.

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