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  • Yes, I replay them and hunt for all of the achievments.

    1 16.67%
  • Only if the end reward is interesting to me / Only if the achievments are easy.

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  • No, I don't.

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    Do you replay personal story missions/living story missions to hunt for achievments?

    Greetings, champions! Good to see you all, as always.

    I really like the single-player missions in Guild Wars 2. They're usually fun to play, at least ONCE. They've been getting better with the passage of time, having voice acting in every single one of them, more mechanics, better bosses and less annoying gimmicks.

    With that in mind, after you finish a Living Story chapter, you can start to hunt for some achievments - it's a pretty cool way to keep you entertained, as usually completing every LS achievment gives you an exclusive item or skin, which is awesome for showing off that you've put the time into it.

    But there's a big problem with GW2's achievment and personal story system, at least for me - They're fun to play, but they're not engaging enought to be replayed over and over again to hunt for certain achievments. Worse than that, you don't have checkpoints in most of them (I think in all of them, need to check), which means that if you lose an achievment in the ending part of the mission, you need to re-do it over and over again until you get it right, which is pretty annoying, as some missions can take you 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

    That and the fact that, sometimes, achievments can be lost without your control or input (getting knocked back into an area that you weren't supposed to, losing the achievment, or even worse, time-based fights or missions that can fail because of some NPC's taking way too long to beat).

    I only play them once and that's it. I try to get all of them in the first try, and if I fail, well, bye bye. And you?

    See you soon champions!
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    Sometimes, depending on irritation level. I'll only push through if there's a reward worth getting.
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    I only did LS2 stuff one time through; were I to redo them, it'd be on a different character, mainly for story continuity, not necessarily achievements.

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    One time, perhaps I would have revisited for HoT mastery points but I doubt it.
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