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    Gun control discussion is a cancer

    Look, there is a thread for it. Nothing that allows a gun to be mentioned survives without some edgy fellow taking a poke at Americans on gun ownership, and the usual crew of Americans having the same blasted discussion for the umpteenth time. Nothing new is said, there aren't even particularly new participants. People keep derailing the self defense thread that's up right now with things like discussions on whether "bad" people are using guns. Greens drop in, but beg off claiming this isn't there forum. The blue that was on? Blew off the @Simca. How about some actual action on this, and if the action is "bungee, screw off" that's fine, but explain it.

    As far as I recall, the mega thread exists to keep this from happening.

    [Quote @Simca @Iliyra @Ryme @Yvaelle Can we please get the derail redirected to the appropriate thread for gun control?[/Quote]

    BTW, Yvaelle, I pinged the mods that were up at the time. I respect that it turned out you were unable to act, but I do suspect that you guys kinda know who the mods are and who is on. You probably could have pinged the appropriate person.

    Again, "bungee, screw off" is an acceptable answer, I'm not a mod, but explain why the discussion of gun control -- and those exact words have been used -- doesn't get directed to the existing mega thread.
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    You're probably just salty because Murica has bigger guns!

    [there you go, nation bashing in your gun control thread]
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    You are right, im new here because i had seen so much idiocy on this forum i felt like i had to say something. A decision which i regret. You are not mature enough to talk politics. The forums are a hugbox where no one wants to be offended and the rules make any serious discussion impossible least someones delicate sencibilities get criticised. Id say stick to warcraft but all things worth talking were either done already or have been drowned under the sea of "i want things easier, everyone who doesnt agree is an elitist" and "i have undiagnosed ocd and so i think this minute detail is a complete destruction of wow story"

    At this point just close the posting and sto pwastign each others time.

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