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    mythic boomie/resto druid looking for late night raiding guild!

    Hello i am 942-945 ilvl depending on sets i wear, i am a druid, i have got all balance legendaries and all resto legendaries (apart from ironbark hands) which is crap anyway, and some feral/guardian ones

    i am
    5/7M (EN)
    7/10M (NH)
    (didnt do ToV)
    5/9M (ToS)

    have had nothing but guild problems this expansion, i want a guild where it is like a community and everyone is mature, not a guild where you are struggling for numbers and people not showing up, i am very paranoid about joining guilds now as 3/4 guilds have died this expansion for me and i am a bit sick of it.
    i wouldve had cutting edge on each raid if i was in a proper guild

    bit more about me
    i am 21 and from Ireland so i am mature and speak English so ( well my typing is bad but i can speak it) lol

    #Ward962391 is my battle tag, i am new to MMO champion aswell id prefer a btag add and message! so reminder (MYTHIC ONLY) LATE RAIDING GUILD ONLY!
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