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    Quote Originally Posted by Roudene View Post
    Wait, min level for old zones stay? What's the point of scalling then?

    So you dont outlevel a zone. That was always the point.

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    It's too soon to say whether or not increase experience means longer leveling period. I doubt Blizzard would intentionally make the game take longer to level up -- that would be pretty foolish. It's probably related to zone changes as others have already mentioned. I'll withhold judgement until I get a chance to test it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azurrei View Post
    Why increase the XP needed? So they add expensive characer boosts claiming it is for convenience / not to be encouraged to use them... and now they make it take longer to level legitimately? Ummm, yeah - that doesn't look bad at all now does it...
    Because of scaling you're never see another green quest while leveling, which means the net experience gain is higher. To compensate, they're increasing the amount of experience required to level.

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    Saurfang finally gets a model worthy of his unbridled badassery.

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    "Many Ulduar achievements have been moved to Feat of Strength, with a new non 10/25 player version replacing them." Well, RIP for the loss of a good chunk (roughly 1,100) of achievement points!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjoramier of Lordaeron View Post
    Speak for yourself. Not all of us want braindead easy fast leveling.

    I hope to god you don't plan on poisoning classic.
    All you got to do is level with white vendor armor & weapon if you don't want braindead easy fast leveling. As a matter of fact, making the game more challenging and slower for yourself is pretty ridiculously easy. To be honest, it doesn't sound like you want the game slower for you. Sounds like you want the game slower for everyone else who you don't speak for.

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