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    Dark Ranger Specialization

    I noticed that many of you miss the old Survival spec, and that some of you really like the new survival. Personally i do like them both and i also like the idea of playing as a Dark Ranger! So let survival be whatever it is and revive old survival spec in a new skin with lots of dark flavour!

    Dark Ranger Specialization:

    Mastery: Dark Quiver:
    Your ranged attacks have a x% chance to fire two additional shadowy arrows and your shadow damage is increased by x%.

    Haunting Banshee
    30 focus | 60sec cooldown
    Send forth a banshee to attack your target over the next 15 sec.
    If the target dies while under attack, Haunting Banshee cooldown is reset.

    Curse of Darkness
    35 Focus | 24sec cooldown
    Afflicts the target with a powerful curse, dealing damage damage over 20 seconds. Your Curse of Darkness periodic damage has a 20% change to trigger Overflowing Quiver, causing your next two Withering Fire to cost no focus and trigger no cooldown. When Curse of Darkness is dispelled, its cooldown is reset.

    Withering Fire
    15 focus | 6sec cooldown | 2 charges
    You fire an cursed arrow at the enemy target, dealing damage initially and every second for 3 seconds.

    Black Arrow
    30 Focus
    Fire an instant shot that causes shadow damage and afflicts the target with Black Arrow.

    Black Volley
    40 Focus
    Fire a volley of black arrows that cause shadow damage and afflicts all targets with Black Arrow.

    Black Arrow (debuff)
    Black Arrow deals high DoT damage over time and Black Arrow critical strikes have a 30% to stun the target for 1 second.

    Shadow Dagger
    20 focus 15sec cd
    You hurl a Shadow dagger at the target dealing high damage and reduces enemy movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
    Shadow dagger jumps to the next target in 12 yards range dealing 25% damage. Can not jump back to a previous target.

    Unstable Poison (passive)
    Targets afflicted with Black Arrow that are hit by Shadow dagger explode for shadow damage.

    Centering Shot (focus regen)
    2.5 sec cast time | no cooldown
    Line up a shot at the target that deals physical damage and focuses you, instantly generating 50 Focus.
    You can not move while casting Centering Shot)

    So basicly its the same as the old Survival rotation, abilities and spellnames inspired by Heroes of the Storm: Sylvanas.
    Some minor things added for flavor, like Shadow Dagger but that is also inspired by Glaive Toss.
    Personally I do think it's unique enough to be added next to Marksmanship. Also never understood blizzard's decision to make survival a melee spec, but okay there it was.. In my opinion it just lacked a good class fantasy theme.

    Would you play Dark Ranger / old survival?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shade3891 View Post
    Centering Shot (focus regen)
    2.5 sec cast time | no cooldown
    Line up a shot at the target that deals physical damage and focuses you, instantly generating 50 Focus.
    You can not move while casting Centering Shot)
    Nope. Standstill abilities have no place in the Hunter class for any spec other than Marksmanship. ESPECIALLY not Focusing Shot, which was always a terrible fit for Survival.

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    Dark rangers will be a allied race for a new skin for undead so they do have to add a new class in. Undead elves, everyone needs a elf!

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    I actually like this.
    I am one of the ones missing old Survival spec and hate to a passion the new one.
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    I could see this becoming the new DH type thing, if blizzard continues there racial classes.

    Nathanos has been training new human undead dark rangers. Things could be worked to where they end up joining the alliance. So humans can create Dark Rangers, but it would be weird for the horde, cause the elves already have DH. But the Dark rangers arent normal forsaken. The high elf skin could be used as a new skin for forsaken to match the dark ranger class. Of course anything could be done, and by that time normal forsaken could end up becoming dark rangers. Giving this class to Humans and Forsaken.

    The two specs would be ranged like Sylvanas, and melee like how Nathanos dual wields axes, though his new model he has a quiver, so thats probably changed.

    But if blizz continues this, I think it's more likely that Humans and Orcs would get a Gladiator class.
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    Just give it it’s on class.

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    I'm on board, I do miss old survival even when I have made do with MM on my main, but it would be just amazing to bring that play style back with with a more unique class fantasy -which seemed to be a big issue-

    Maybe not call it Dark Ranger to not pigeonhole the spec to a single race and just call it Shadow, so the spec fantasy encapsulates more class combos and not only Dark Rangers, such as Shadow Hunter and whatever the Void Elves can be right now.

    Basically it would just make the Haunting Banshee a Haunting Manifestation lol.

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    anything would be better than a useless melee spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by threadz View Post
    anything would be better than a useless melee spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladyoftheforest View Post
    +1 as well. I found out you can't get rid of relic weapons when I tried t pitch the spear. That whole shit show is why I stopped playing hunter.

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    This lore is having such an emo shit taken all over it lately.

    Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Void Elves. Now you want Dark Rangers with dark arrow, dark shot, dark dagger and darkness specialization with dark darkdakrejkdwoeghnwjioefuiojbhnsdDDARKK. People asking for necromancers left and right, you dilute all sense of the sinister, or foreboding about black magic because we are fucking inundated in it.

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    would play the shit out of it

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