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View Poll Results: Will you get a Authenticator key for only 4 additional bag slots?

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  • YES, have key, YES will use 4 add. slots

    515 79.48%
  • YES, have key, NO wont use 4 slots

    24 3.70%
  • NO, dont have authenticator, Yes will get one for 4 slots

    29 4.48%
  • NO, dont have one, NO wont get one for the extra slots

    47 7.25%
  • Undecided, hoping for more

    32 4.94%
  • Undecided, dont care about additional bag slots

    17 2.62%
  • Dont know/Dont Care

    27 4.17%
  • Dont want Authenticator at all.

    23 3.55%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post
    Random bullshit posts from derps do not count as "proven".

    If memory serves me right blue even confirmed at some point that people spamming that bullshit failed derp check by either attaching authenticator after they already been cleaned out or being otherwise dishonest about the whole thing.
    This crying about authenticators and how they don't work is people trying to disprove vaccines. Yeah they work 99% of the time, but see that 1%? That means they don't work. If people refuse to use one and something bad happens it is their fault. If people do use them and they fail, I would venture to guess they have security issues on your phone ans well as their PC.

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    Mechagnome Metallourlante's Avatar
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    Honestly, it's good to see the majority already have an authenticator..the 4 additional slots are very welcome by the way, I didn't even know that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackhisis View Post
    You can install an application on your PC.

    They created an incentive to use 2FA as it decreases the load on their support.
    IB4 someone tries to claim Blizzard is cheapening on support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dastreus View Post
    I have a physical authenticator. The PTR doesn't seem to think I do, since it won't give the 4 slots.
    Would be a good time to send an email to Blizzard support or post on their PTR forums to let them know this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    no it never has and never will.
    yeah right.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    I am not worried about security at all either. I have never been hacked in any game ever, and I think I know why: I use different emails and passwords for everything and I am not an idiot when browsing the internet.
    So in other words you don't use the Internet at all then? Because even clean sites can serve up malware through hacks. Heck, this very site has served up malware once or twice because the ad network got hacked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dnusha View Post
    yeah right.
    Your first link: people had a phone authentication which is not as secure as the authenticator;
    Your second link: people had a backdoor on their machines and use the local login which does not require a code.

    In other words, bullshit.

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    4 slots ain't much, but it is free so I'm gucci! More exciting is the fact they've finally figured out a way to increase the original bag! Looking forward to what other upgrades we can get for it in the future, seems like something that would fit nicely as a reward for collection or questing achievements. I just hope it doesn't show up in the Blizzstore...

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    Have had a keychain authenicator for years. I don't really use many bag slots. I think my current bag uses about 10-15 slots over all my bags total. My bank has 70+ empty slots.

    Now, strangely, my regent bank is almost full. It's far more useful then any other bag.
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    Neither of those are actually about hacking the authenticator or the protocol, the articles are about using the authenticator on a fully compromised systems. That's of course a very bad idea.

    But to contribute something, this would have been a better link and more relevant information:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    My plan is to get one for the inventory space and then disable it immediately. I don't want any extra steps before being in the game. I hope it will be possible.
    There is no extra steps, the authenticator will keep you logged into the battle net app and it does not ask for a login again. The only time the extra step exists is if you are login on to a new computer which will then it will ask you to confirm the login....AKA 2 factor authentication. I think they have said you get them as long as the authenticator is active.

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    I have had the physical authenticator since it came out..
    “If you don't believe me that is too damn bad!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twdft View Post
    You can put the authenticator on the tablet that lives in the folds of your couch so you can check imdb while watching tv.
    Don't have one of those, either
    The reports of my death were surprisingly well-sourced and accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    Calling others stupid because you are to young and to ignorant to understand how two factor security is an extra layer of security makes YOU look extremly silly.

    Amen to that.

    Same goes for you before you write something.
    But there is still hope you do that when you grow up.

    PS: calling other people KID lets everybody know what you are

    - - - Updated - - -

    Right cause there is no such thing as malware through malicious adds.
    If you have no clue about something dont try to brute force yourself into the conversation by making yourself look silly
    So basically you just like to bash random ppl, strangers without any reason, and without any rational reasoning. I'm sure ppl like you are getting bullied every single day. You have tensions that you have to throw on someone in order to find some peace inside you. I understand, that today it's me, but you should also note that only sad ppl do such things, because their life is empty. You actually cry for help.

    My advice is that go, and find some irl friends, ppl you can talk to. Speak about your sad and empty life, maybe they can help you in time, because you certainly need help.

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    I have an authenticator, had one for ages. Want more than 4 measly slots though :/....Suppose its better than nothing.

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    Should have been way more than 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonol View Post
    My advice is that go, and find some irl friends, ppl you can talk to. Speak about your sad and empty life, maybe they can help you in time, because you certainly need help.
    For your next post, please dont look into the mirror while posting - just because your life is sad and empty (are you batman by any chance) other peoples are not.

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    I don't understand how this is even a topic. Not using an authenticator in 2017? What? I rarely get prompted to use it, and if I ever do, I literally just have to look at my phone for a few seconds. Choosing not to use it for whatever bullshit reason is just idiotic.

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