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    Unhappy Help with stat weights please

    Hello folks.

    First off, let me begin with my armory.

    https: // en-gb/character/draenor/ baurumph (edited as can't post links)

    I am trying to find out what gems and enchants I ought to have. Askmrrobot is telling me to go all out versatility. Is this right? I thought that haste was the king for resto druid in a raiding environment?

    Is anyone please able to shed some light on this please because I am very VERY confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by axelaldar View Post
    Fixed the link for You.

    Also, getting some other links for You:

    Also, I recommend getting to the Druid's discord channel, there's plenty of information and the others will help You out in quick chat-responses.
    The stats could be right, because it does check Your current gear therefore even if You are changing 1-2 items, You should sim Yourself if You try to be as high as possible.

    Regarding the simsites, I am using myself, give it a try.

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    ErothTV gave some great advice and a good place to start. I also highly recommend questionablyepic

    I personally tried keeping up with stat weights with AMR but it gets confusing/annoying after awhile, so I switched to just balancing my stats. My rule of thumb is 20% haste, 20% Mastery, 20% Crit (not as important), and 10% Vers. I try to keep these numbers close or around that mark. Had great success this way.

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    Harder to sim healing numbers than dps. With that said, resto did is pretty fluid in how they do their stat weights. Knarib is pretty close on what he does, but I recommend (as does the discord), is getting the Resto Druid Stat Weight weak aura, it keeps a constant, rolling stat weight for you. It's very good. And as others said, questiinablyepic is great as well

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    all stats are pretty close in value for resto, so if your versatility is very low it's not surprising that a sim would tell you to get more of it. That doesn't mean you should stack vers, it just means that as your other stats increase the value of the next marginal point of vers gets higher and higher.

    personally I try to keep haste/crit/mastery about even, with a small bias toward haste > mastery. You should essentially always take the higher ilvl piece though, especially if you have low versatility.

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