This is a base dps rotation only without talents equated into this

Arcane shot stays as is

Aimed shot castable will moving

Marked shot 8 second CD no proc needed, still only hits hunters mark targets, does not apply vulnerable

Multi shot is the only ability that applies hunters mark and using multi shot reduces the CD of marked shot by 2 seconds

Wind burst is now instant cast with no CD, applies vulnerable and costs 50 stored focus (mastery)

MM new mastery
Marksman focus
When the hunter uses an ability while standing still he gains 15 stored focus, up to 150 stored focus(this is separate from the normal focus pool), moving causes stored focus to decay at 10 per second of movement

Vulnerable increases the hunters damage by 30+mastery value % only 1 target can be vulnerable at a time

Basically this takes vulnerable out of our aoe , makes it a controlled debuff that we chose when to apply, and is our better do per less movement Mechanic

This fixes the balance nightmare of aoe vs single target vulnerable caused, fixes the RNG issues of vulnerable, and gives hunters something to maintain with the new mastery for movement without killing the spec for having to move

In a pure patchwork fight vulnerable would have 100% uptime and less than that per how intense the movement is

This all would depend on the duration of the vulnerable, focus stored mechanic and Suh depending on number tuning