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    [SUB SPEC] Legendaries choice?

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering which combinations of legendaries would perform best on single target and AOE fights, considering that I only have the following :

    -Mantle of The Master Assassin (considered BIS on bots single and AOE)
    -Ravenholdt Insignia
    -Shadow Satyr's Walk
    -Dreadlord's Deceit
    -Cinidaria the Symbiote
    -Kil Jaeden burning wish

    I'm particularly interested in knowing which combinations would do best on Mythic+ dungeons. But feel free to give your opinion on single target too .

    Thx for your answer(s)!
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    Shoulders + Cloak is best for M+

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    Cloak for adds. Cloak/shoulders/glaives trinket is a beast on trash. For st probably belt in progression. Once things die more quickly likely ravenholdt. You'd have to sim to really know for certain.

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    Actually, Mantle + Ravenholdt sims at 1 594 000k dps.

    And Mantle + boots sims at 1 599 000k dps.

    it is a minor upgrade but it is quite strange. I heard the boots were trash since they were nerfed.

    What would you take as leg right now for ST, waiting for the proper BIS legendaries?

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    up. we never know

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    Just a quick question: on the Ravenholdt site for legendary combinations for Sub, Insignia refers to the Ravenholdt ring, not the new Insignia from Argus?

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    Yep, you got that right.

    The new ring is called "Crucible".
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