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    [RESTO] T21 - What legendaries? (Ekowraith necessary?)

    Just a quick question. What legendaries do you guys use in raids / dungeons and why?

    I might be getting the T21 set soon, so I was asking myself if it's necessary to wear the Ekowraith due to the set Bonus.

    What is your experience?


    edit: I mostly play mythic+ and I have been using the Aman'Thul shoulders and the Elune ring. What would you change with the T21 Bonus?
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    Prydaz-Shoulders provide about 7% of hps, velen is always strong.
    Ekowraith will be good, about 5-6% of hps + more damage reduction. Good but not necessary.

    For m+ I prefer prydaz+velen. T21 changes nothing there in terms of legendaries.
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    You'll mostly want 2 of the following for progression :
    Any ring (even sephuz won't be that bad with all the cc and dispels in this raid)
    The helm
    The shoulders
    And velens if you can eat the stam loss

    The preferred for raw hps are shoulders + velens, but do remember that even that sometimes you can do more healing at a certain time that's important, which the shoulders hps gain doesn't always indicate well

    And as for m+ I find elunes ring and velens weak (stam loss and that you can easily have all 10 RJs out anyways), and prydaz to be the best by far, I also find the belt and gloves to be a lot stronger there
    When I've pushed really deep though, I find myself constantly swapped to avoid potential issues for 1 slot and dedicated prydaz in the other
    Also, every 2p we have is great in m+, so I'd consider avoiding shoulders/hat (it's inconsistent anyways)

    Ekko doesn't affect the hot as far As I can tell, but 5% Dr might be just enough to cheese something, but the healing gain will be miniscule.

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    I use lady and the child boomkin shoulders and soul of the forest ring with 4set t20 and double dps trinkets most of the time.

    Specific tyrannical bosses i wear prydaz instead of shoulders for.

    Will be interesting to see if change style when i get 4set t21, group is used to making use of efflorescence and t20 tier bonus. Probably back to abundance for me, maybe prydaz and lady and the child then.

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    Love the Prydaz with T21 myself since it's very noticeable the absorb shield blocking the heal proc on myself and healing the raid instead

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    just looking at the top parses on WCL, there seems to be a split between folks who've swapped to prydaz/velen's, and those who're sticking with shoulders/velen's (with the new 4; obviously still use shoulders if you're using t19)

    I use prydaz/shoulders for m+ and probably still will even with the new set. survival from prydaz is nice and the shoulders still help keep a high abundance stack

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