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    The reputation thing has some merit, in that you remember if somebodys a tosser, but it's always massively overstated. People would roll new accounts or new players would come along, there was only very rarely realm wide notoriety or fame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyrock View Post
    The reputation thing has some merit, in that you remember if somebodys a tosser, but it's always massively overstated. People would roll new accounts or new players would come along, there was only very rarely realm wide notoriety or fame.
    True, I can still remember a couple of names from Defias Brotherhood, names of notorious ninja looters and generally incredibly toxic players. Other than that, most of the misdeeds are quickly forgotten, however you can count that if you behave badly in the goupe, you won't be invited in the group with the same people probably ever again. And considering the lack of cross-realm features, that eventually could significantly reduce your pool of dungeon and raid groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyrock View Post
    Tbh i imagine there will be a spike of interest of launch, from both the classic community and players wanting to try it (particularly if it's reasonably priced and launched during a content drought on live)

    After a surge, the active playerbase largely drops off to the classic community and some new players, as the game largely fails to capture a new audience given by 2017/8/9 standards it's pretty hardcore/grindy/unoptimised, a lot of people drop off during levelling.

    The community that makes it to max level largely stomps most of the end game content unless it gets a tuning pass, given the information available. Players start to drift away once stuff is on farm.

    Pvp has a fairly dedicated community chasing high ranks.

    Blizz announces the server will roll onto BC, rinse repeat
    Where did they announce that last part?
    They should do this after 2 years like private servers. Copy/paste to new server, not evolve into tbc.
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    Knowing blizz, there will be static vanilla servers stuck in the void of naxx forever and ever.. There's your purist time capsule.

    But likely TBC will eventually be added, where a progression labelled server will be able to access. It's called 'classic' and not vanilla, after all.

    Or there will be a seasonal/custom server after a while, were the focus will be replayability- so people can enjoy the nostalgia of old orgrimmar/ironforge or the old character models, and the non-flying utopia version of WoW, whilst feeling like there is incentive to keep playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triks View Post
    Lol. Gear in Classic matters a lot more than it does in current WoW. At the very least you have bosses whose mechanics boil down to "Do you have the resist gear or not.". Then you also have rogues and warriors who scale INSANELY well with gear almost to the point where a geared warrior could charge and global you.
    Have you even played WoW lately? Step foot into m+15 dungeons in equally geared players around 910 ilvl, let me know how face roll easy it is and how you just facepull the whole upper level in VotW or BRH during any week with Sanguine or Bolstering or Fortified, and how it turns out for you.
    Then go out to any world PVP zone and challenge all Rogues/Warriors/Guardian Druids and see how long you make it 1v1. Better yet, go into an RBG and to try and 1v1 the Rogue sitting at a base and let me know how it works out for you.

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    What will happen is that after a while every server will be abandoned unless Blizzard figure out how to release fresh ones. The private server community are like locusts, moving from fresh server to fresh server. It's the nature of the finite content, all you can do is to start over, kinda like D3 seasons.

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    I have a new prediction based on this forum, the core 'fans' of classic/vanilla. Blizzcon was not very long ago at all, and from day one, this forum exploded and was a very, very busy place. PPL were full of excitement and energy. When a new bit of information comes out there is a short burst of activity for a day or 2, then its gone again.

    Reality has set in, and this forum is a ghost town. Welcome to exactly what will happen with wow:classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    Here is what I think will happen:

    1. WoW Classic is released.
    2. Players OVERWHELM the WoW Classic server. There is far MORE interest in WoW Classic than they anticipated. The initial Classic playerbase is something like 65% of the retail playerbase.
    3. The zones are congested and packed. It becomes difficult to level simply because you wind up with a queue to kill certain quest mobs.
    4. The people who vault ahead of the pack are those who ignore pretty much all quests from 1-25 and just grind. They hit 25+ ahead of everyone else and then get places like Arathi Highlands or Thousand Needles to themselves, which means they can now quest and pull ahead even FASTER.
    5. Blizzard decides to take no action regarding congested zones, adopting a policy that "the people wanted a vanilla experience and this is part of it."
    6. The Classic playerbase drops as people quit because they won't tolerate congested early zones. However, this is balanced by some people quitting WoW altogether, even retail. So the playerbase drops to something like 50% of retail.
    7. After a couple months, WoW Classic begins to settle in. Players adopt a policy of switching to Classic every time there is a content drought in retail.
    8. Every time there is a retail content drought, people play Classic and realize that, for some reason, its just more FUN and INTERESTING. They have a reputation in the Classic community to defend and protect. They MATTER. The gear and accomplishments seem to MATTER in a way it does not on retail.
    9. With every content drought in retail, Classic actually converts people to exclusive Classic players.
    10. 6 months after launch, the Classic population is about 75% the size of the retail population.
    11. 9 months to a year after launch the Classic population is roughly the same size as retail.
    12. People begin to regularly clear Naxxramas by now, with the PvE content complete, people quit WoW Classic. But thee people also feel retail is somehow inferior and do not return to retail.
    13. The WoW Classic population hovers around 80%-90% the size of the retail population.
    14. At this point, with the PvE content complete, the WoW Classic server begins a permanent transition into a PvP server. WoW classic becomes exclusively the place to grind rank 14, or play Arathi Basin, WSG, or especially old Alterac Valley all day.
    I'll bet money right now, however much you want. That after 1 year of the Classis server being live, it won't be 1/10th of the population of "retail" as you people are calling it. It should be called "live", as retail is not a term that fits what you're describing "retail" to be. Classis is also retail, if you're considering it a product that people can buy off a shelf, whether in a store or virtually(when released).

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    My assumption is that Classic comes out in November of 2019, during the content drought of BfA and the WoW's 15th anniversary.

    WoW Classic will have a massive number of players for the first few months. Then they will peal away as they realize how grindy and antiquated the game is. Even more will switch back to retail once the hype and pre-patch content for the post-BfA starts really gearing up.

    Classic will be left with a small core of really dedicated players, with a a lot of fair weather players who drop in and out of Classic depending on what is happening with retail.

    In winter of 2021, during the content drought of the post-BfA expansion, Blizz will come out with Classic TBC servers. They will let people transfer their character from a Classic Server to a TBC Server (but not vice versa). This causes a big surge of people to rush into TBC classic. The surge tapirs off as people return to retail when the new expansion drops.

    From that point on, Blizz releases a retail expansion every even year and a re-made classic expansion every odd year.

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    Classic WoW will be out by February 2019 at the latest. (Posting this so I can refer to it later )
    Classic WoW Content Creator - Daily Streams and Bi-Weekly Videos!

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    Classic Wow will be interesting to see. Im going to mainly play retail but the thought of Classic does interest me. If I can get the old achieves and move on through and catch up to retail somehow, that would be cool. I started in TBC and am some what of an achieve junky. I missed out on some nice things that were Vanilla only and would love to have those on my character.

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