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    Perfect song for warriors ?

    Saw this and thought what great lyrics for a warrior, anyone have any other songs that could have been written for us, or indeed any other class.?


    being a newbie I cant post links yet but google is your friend

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    Criminally underrated power metal from finland:

    Good old pagan warrior themed stuff.

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    Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry

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    Freedom Call - Warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by calavra View Post
    Freedom Call - Warriors
    Win here!
    Remember this one froma Vanilla PvP vid, Pat it was
    Good ol' vanilla PvP videos
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    True warriors listen to metal !

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    Pick any song by Manowar.

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    Fever Ray - if I had a heart (vikings soundtrack)

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    Disturbed - Indestructible (featuring Pocket Healer)

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    Chill,wow classic is gonna last 2 months top once ppl see how horrid it was,theres gonna be 10k ppl online across all classic realms within 2 months.Meanwhile i'm preparing my "i told you so.." speech XD

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    For all those world pvp graveyard runs when you play anything other than prot

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    Rest in Peace, CoF, Sweet Prince.

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    I used to chain-pull like a maniac in dungeons to this song.

    Also, for more 'WoW appropriate' I recommend this:
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    This one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivanstone View Post
    I refuse to believe this is a real song.

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