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    Are you sick of demons?

    I am curious if you are tired of killing demons, because during WoD I heard constantly on mmo-champion as well that THERE ARE TOO MANY ORCS. Considering the whining was because 2 expansions had orcs, let's count how many orc bosses and demon bosses we had in raids during WoD and Pandaria:
    Mogu - 0 orcs
    HoF - 0 orcs
    Terrace - 0 orcs
    ToT - 0 orcs
    SoO - 6 orcs(counting single bosses)
    Highmaul - 1 orc
    BrF - 7 orcs
    HfC - 3 orcs

    So total: 17 orcs, now let's count Legion bosses
    EN - 1
    ToV - 0
    Nighthold - 2 demons
    Tomb - 4 demons
    Antorus - 8 demons
    And previous expansion
    Hfc - 5 demons

    So total 20 demons VS 17 orcs and yet I can't see whiny posts that there are too many demons. So, why? Are demons more @[email protected] and cool than orcs? Personally I am not sick of both races, but I am confused why people are fine with so many demons yet they were not fine with so many orcs.
    P.S. I know I could miscalculated a bit, but even if it was 15 demons vs 17 orcs it would still be relevant.
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    im sick of orcs. always sick of orcs
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    Yeah I'm tired of demons. Also all the fel green scenery is starting to hurt my brain

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    Demons are a lot more varied, its a faction rather than a single race. There were also Orcs all over the zones as you levelled up in WoD, Legion surprisingly had much more variation in what we faced. Until the Broken Shore we had barely even faced any demons at all.

    I grew real tired of the fel-corrupted areas though, the broken shore was more than enough with that and Argus was a disappointment in that it carried on with it. It's just not even interesting to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    im sick of orcs. always sick of orcs
    Why? Because Garrosh dropped a bomb on your small isle Theramore?

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    As a Warlock? No. I'm sick of not getting new demons to summon though.

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    I'm sick of killing? lol

    What's the difference what model you're killing when you have to kill so many of this or so many of that...then you gotta kill a dozen more of so and so hoping for a few quest drops.

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    WHY are you complaining ? antorus is the LAST green raid...

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    This entire game is just hp bars and numbers anyways.

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    I think people were more sick of the trash style orcs. Questing and everything in WoD was mostly orc orc orc, I didn’t have a problem with it. I just play it for what it is also we were on the orc homeworld ut was kind of expected to have a lot of orcs.

    I think the demon thing for legion has been minor each zone has had a small touch and had a lot of other stuff unlike WoD which was Orcs and Draenei and that’s about it.

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    Demons have a bit more variety than orcs. There are a ton of different kinds of demons that do all sorts of things, and orcs are, well, orcs.

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    Cause, Orcs are seen too many times.

    Meanwhile, with Legion, not only are the Raids mostly PART Demon (AKA, Not as Demonic), but there are 2 Raids that are mostly about Demons (AKA, ToS, and Antorus). Hell, even with that, there's a TON of Titan shit to see.

    With BRF, and HM, it was all just Ogre, and Orc. Nothing much. Hell, HFC didn't give us a Variety either, giving us barely any break from the Demonic corruption BS. However, with Legion, one raid's litterally the Emerald Nightmare, the Other One is with Odyn and Helya, the other is the Nighthold (Which is litterally a Nightbourne Capital, with little Demonic Influence. Though, it's still there), the other one is filled with Night Elven, Naga, Legion, and Titan influence, with the last one being filled with Void shit, Fel shit, Titan shit, life shit, and so forth. And it looks COLORFUL! HFC wasn't colorful. BRF wasn't colorful. HM wasn't colorful (Though, it had its moments).

    Antorus felt like you were ASSAULTING a Capital with an ARMY! Something WoW's been lacking for ages (Looking at you, DS, SoO, ToT, HFC, BRF, HM, and ICC).

    So no, i'm not sick of Demons yet. But, that's mostly due to the fact there has been little presence of them, outside of the 2 recent Raids we've had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malderon View Post
    Why? Because Garrosh dropped a bomb on your small isle Theramore?
    Doesn't have much to do with anything....but....

    If you want more Orc, then go play WoD.

    AKA, The Worst Expansion ever.

    No, go on. Play it. We'll see how sick of Orcs you'll get once you truely play the Expansion.

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    Blizzard made an effort to have more variety in the enemies we faced with Legion, and they're doing the same with BFA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgusTheUnmaker View Post
    If you want more Orc, then go play WoD.

    AKA, The Worst Expansion ever.
    That's a funny way of spelling Cataclysm.

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    I'm really sick of Fel theme tbh. I really don't want to see any demons or fel-infused enemies for a while

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    I am getting a bit tired of demons, but it's not quite fair to compare orcs and demons in this way. Because the Legion is not just one race of demon. There is variety. Much more than between orcs. If you're going to compare numbers you should probably break out demons by race of demon.

    But yes myself and plenty of others are done with demons and the Legion's aesthetics now, but just as not EVERYTHING in 5.4 and WoD was an orc, there has been a lot of non demons to fight as well in Legion. Naga, emerald nightmare stuff, elf stuff, titans etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malderon View Post

    So total: 17 orcs, now let's count Legion bosses
    EN - 0
    ToV - 0
    Nighthold - 2 demons
    Tomb - 4 demons
    Antorus - 8 demons
    Pretty sure Xavius is a demon.
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    Im not sick of demons, but i think after Antorus it's enough tbh.
    - We already had HFC with Legion Theme
    - Then we came into the new Addon with the EN to not instantly go full ham on Legion again.
    - With Nighthold we got some Fel Corrupted shit and some Demons
    - With ToS we got more bosses like Maiden, Avatar, sisters of the moon, Mistress, Harjatan but also more demon themed bosses and a demon themed place
    - And now finally with Antorus, we are getting Legion bosses only, everything that has to do with the whole Legion theme and Story. That's what im looking for, a final, Expansion themed raid.

    With Battle for Azeroth that might Change, because already with the 1st raid we will get more clues about the Old Gods like Il'gynoth gave us in EN(i atleast guess we do).
    Battle for Azeroth has alot of freeroom if it Comes down to raiding themes.

    But I think it will end like in WoD. The last raid of BfA might have something to do with the olds gods, next Expansion is about the old gods but the first raid will be about something else.

    For Example:
    - We Face C'thun again as final boss of BfA.
    - First Raid in the following Expansion will be about something else
    - 1st raid of the Expansion that has more to do with the old god theme
    - 2nd raid of the Expansion that has more to do with the old god theme
    - Final last raid, with full ham on old gods and maybe N'Zoth as final boss doing some shit like Sargearas did at the end of the cinematic, just that N'Zoth is releasing the void or so across azeroth, and azeroth falls into darkness and a new age for azeroth Begins.

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    A little, but it's not to the point that I hate seeing them like orcs. The main difference is that Demons can have a huge variety, whereas orcs are just orcs. Brown or green, that's basically all the difference.

    Since HFC, I count 18 demon bosses. There are 3 fel lords, 2 Annihilans, and 3 eredar. The other 10 are unique types of demon. Even among the annihilans, mannoroth and goroth, they look very different. The eredar, Archimonde, KJ, and the Antoran High Command are all quite different as well, since two of them are big named baddies.

    The orc bosses are all quite similar in apperance, so they're a bit duller to look at. Plus we have orc cities, characters, heroes, and so on. TBC was surrounded by Orc stuff for the most part, except the few draenei enclaves. WotLK had a lot of Orc & human architecture, plus loads of Scourge stuff. Cata was full of Thrall stuff, so we got a good helping of orc. MoP was basically all orcs at the end, spending 14 months in Orgrimmar. WoD was orcs & more orcs, along with orc architecture and buildings. There was a load of Draenic stuff as well, but since we haven't been inundated with it since Warcraft I, it was fine. Legion was a respite from Orcs, but we still had Gul'Dan to deal with.

    Same issue with humans honestly, lots and lots of human stuff. Legion was a nice break bringing in more elven, vrykul, and tauren stuff. The big difference is we didn't have a human raid and two expansions spent in human land.
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    I hate to say that, but if you are tired of something, then you are playing the wrong game, reading the wrong fantasy story.

    Wether you are a Alliance or Horde and you are sick of orcs, humans or murlocs or any other entity that is existing in this lore, it's all in you.

    There would be no Alliance without orcs and trolls, there would be no Horde without demons and their story is coming to an end and if YOU are not enjoying it, then I have really bad news for you. You are tired of warcraft story itself.

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