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View Poll Results: Single best innovation in WoW?

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  • Transmogrification

    112 30.68%
  • Flying Mounts

    40 10.96%
  • Flex Raiding

    43 11.78%
  • Reagents Tab

    6 1.64%
  • Queued Instances (LFD, LFR)

    18 4.93%
  • Group Finder

    18 4.93%
  • Mythic + Dungeons

    74 20.27%
  • Cross-Realm Grouping

    17 4.66%
  • Pet Battles

    6 1.64%
  • One I didn't think of.

    21 5.75%
  • None of them - I don't like change.

    10 2.74%
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    Question Single best innovation in WoW?

    Blizz never makes any change without drawing criticism from some, but some of their innovations over the years have proven popular with the majority of players. I won't pretend to know if all the ones I'm listing meet that criteria (popular with majority), and I'm sure I am leaving off some innovations I should be listing. That's why I'll throw in a "One I didn't think of" option and let you all comment below.

    (Poll Incoming)

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    Not sure about any innovations because Blizzard mostly copied (which I am fine with) from other games that weren't as successful as WoW but had features that were pretty good.
    But any implementation I loved is Transmogrification (even though it took away prestige - which is something I miss in todays game).
    I also loved LFDungeon Tool when it was still on your own server without the teleport.
    I loved Dual Spec
    I loved the "Diablo-esque" daily system in Legion

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    Transmog/mythic + (at least for me)

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    Flying combat! Wait...

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    Transmog and mythic plus for sure.
    The Naaru may not have forgotten the Draenei, but Blizzard sure as hell has.

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    Transmog /10char

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    Queued Instances (LFD, LFR)
    Also that feature were i can tag someone mob, world boss ect. and still get the loot.

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    Now I'm only talking about huge changes in wow, i dont really care if some other game did it first

    Pet battles
    Multiple raid - sizes
    Brawlers guild
    From when I started playing: insanely huge world with almost no loading screens
    I've no idea what to write here.

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    AOE looting.

    Although nearly all of these are brilliant in my opinion, as are many more (raid difficulties, brawler's guild, achievements, etc)
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    Really liked the use of phasing in stories like the DK starting zone.

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    Hmmm if only they would add colour dye now.

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    Flex Raiding/Mythic+ for me

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    Transmog and instance queue (raid and dungeon)

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    Transmogrification... It's basically the main thing my gametime is centered about
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    To THINK that they'd release FOUR of the SIX new Allied Races to play BEFORE the Expansions release is FOOLISH to think
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    Facts I've been told: Horde will never have paladins/Alliance will never have shaman, goblins/worgen/pandaren will never be playable races, demon hunters will never be a playable class, Blizzard will never sell in-game items for real world money, Blizzard will never have classic servers, the max level cap can't go past 100.

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    I'd think flex raiding is the one that's been the best in my oppinion...

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    Transmog for sure no longer colorful power ranger look

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    Cross-Realm Grouping

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    Most of the stuff you listed are things I love so much in WoW, so really can't decide.

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    Mythic+. Endless content where people will always compete gives the game more depth.

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