View Poll Results: Single best innovation in WoW?

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  • Transmogrification

    112 30.68%
  • Flying Mounts

    40 10.96%
  • Flex Raiding

    43 11.78%
  • Reagents Tab

    6 1.64%
  • Queued Instances (LFD, LFR)

    18 4.93%
  • Group Finder

    18 4.93%
  • Mythic + Dungeons

    74 20.27%
  • Cross-Realm Grouping

    17 4.66%
  • Pet Battles

    6 1.64%
  • One I didn't think of.

    21 5.75%
  • None of them - I don't like change.

    10 2.74%
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    The Unstoppable Force Gehco's Avatar
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    For me, Transmogrification. Group Finder, Mythic+
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    Hard to argue with Mythic +. A feature that single handedly created endless content and made dungeons more relevant than ever before, and a system which undoubtedly will continue for the rest of WoW's lifespan. Alternate gear path for people who prefer it as well, especially in BFA. I actually think Legion has set an incredibly high standard for Blizzard. Yeah people complain about RNG, but in Legion we had Order halls, campaigns, spec challenges, Mythic +, Whole new artifacts and talent trees etc. I hope Blizzard compensates with much more all round content in BFA if that all goes away. Lot to live up to.

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    I'd actually opt for world quests and related stuff (emisaries, rewards). It's step up from daily grinding and for me works perfectly. you get a nice bonus for a few, but could potentially grind to your hearts desire. And it's stale gold/rep rewards, but you can pick and choose which rewards you go for.

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    For Azeroth!
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    Transmog, but mostly after 7.0 interface.

    World quests not in the list but I like it far more then the old dailies.

    As for upcoming innovations: Zone scaling for 1-100. I really like more freedom of picking zones, obviously still a lot of testing/tuning to do on the xp/health itself.

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    Legendary! Airwaves's Avatar
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    Besides Transmogrification. Cast at mouse cursor macro.
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    A lot of people say Transmog but honestly it was done way before WoW... I think LFD was probably the most innovative at its time, not only for WoW but other and future MMOs too.

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    Transmog probably comes out on top for me. I like LFD but hate LFR.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    easily the best thing they have ever done for this game has been flex raiding/raiding that scales to the group size. The worst thing they ever did to the game is Cross realm AND a close second to that was forcing every class into 1 specific armour type... why

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    People think WoW created transmogging? lol

    WoW has ripped off a lot of features from other MMOs in the past in order to stay relevant. The one real innovation it did was Phasing. When I first saw that in the Wrathgate, I was blown away. Two versions of the same place existing side-by-side? Crazy.

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    I picked flight with transmog a close second.
    Me thinks Chromie has a whole lot of splaining to do!

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    Account wide transmog FTW, baby.

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    I'd say both x-realm grouping (for social reasons) and M+ for (content reasons). I don't care how my character looks if I don't have content to do with it and/or can't do it with friends.

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    Brewmaster Jeffyman's Avatar
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    Transmog as most of the others are rubbish or a sign of the game getting worse.

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    Cross-Realm grouping for sure.

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    For a quest lover like me, best innovation was implemented in WotLK. It's called "phasing". I love when world actually changes after my interaction with it

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    Stood in the Fire BadguyNotBadGuy's Avatar
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    Flex raiding man. When you dont have to worry about having the perfect amount of players with the perfect comp for a raid, it makes the setup procedure far more enjoyable.

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    The Patient Asaliah's Avatar
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    LFR for me, allowed to "raid" as now I can't do it anymore with my guild because of a 7h time difference.
    Still missing the "real stuff" but at least I can finish the story.

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    Flex raiding. The main disappointment with flex is that it was 2 years behind; ever since it was added, I've always believed that it could've been a better solution to pug/casual raiding than LFR, given the obscenely low bar difficulty-wise Blizz set with LFR following MoP.

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