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View Poll Results: Single best innovation in WoW?

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  • Transmogrification

    112 30.68%
  • Flying Mounts

    40 10.96%
  • Flex Raiding

    43 11.78%
  • Reagents Tab

    6 1.64%
  • Queued Instances (LFD, LFR)

    18 4.93%
  • Group Finder

    18 4.93%
  • Mythic + Dungeons

    74 20.27%
  • Cross-Realm Grouping

    17 4.66%
  • Pet Battles

    6 1.64%
  • One I didn't think of.

    21 5.75%
  • None of them - I don't like change.

    10 2.74%
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    Not really innovation, but I couldn't live without it.
    So many idiots in trade chat blowing it up with their stupid macros of symbols and such, doing that stupid thunderfury nonsense, the anal nonsense, all the dumb things bored kids (whether by age or mentality) would do to pass the time.

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    I'd say transmog was the best thing they did. I spend a lot of time creating different outfits for my guy, probably too much time. Before transmog I always felt uncomfortable with the way my character looked with all the mismatching gear. Sometimes I'd keep inferior gear just so I could stay looking the way I did. Transmog also gives you a reason to go back and run through older dungeons and raids. It adds more to the game by utilizing outdated and irrelevant content so in a way it was a smart move by Blizzard.

    Another great addition which many will not agree I'm sure is the addition of the LFG/LFR system. Before this was added I never got to experience what raids were like. I was in guilds but I never got to actually run a raid because of either school (most of the time they raided too late at night), I wasn't geared enough, or just the fact that I was always a benchwarmer. Now I can raid whenever I want and I don't need to follow some damn schedule as if I'm working for another job. I already have a full time job I have to worry about and be on time for. I'm not going to be dedicating my entire night to raid. When I come home from work it's relax, chill, and do whatever the fuck I want time. So LFG/LFR was a prayer come true.
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    transmog hands down.

    Softbottom <Game Over>

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    I would say mythic+ is the best thing that happened to this game. The replayability is insane with m+ because it's challenging & diverse & rewarding.

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