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    Though Arthas could be brought back or at least made relevant again. After the Chronicle books came out fleshing out the universe it pretty much explained that he would go to the Shadowlands after death. So unless his soul was destroyed he is pretty much in the dark evil place that Sylv saw when she died from the Icecrown suicide.
    Sylvanas saw him there when she went to the Shadowlands after her suicide at Icecrown Citadel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Selastan View Post

    I'm hoping Arthas' body is on display somewhere in Silvermoon, hanging on someone's wall like a trophy.
    I'm pretty sure Sylvanas goes full on bdsm on his body every night tbh.

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    It's a 4th wall breaking joke quest. Probably not canon considering the DK player never saw it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    It's a 4th wall breaking joke quest. Probably not canon considering the DK player never saw it.
    Or Sylvanas for that matter and this quest line is a nice reminder that not all within the game is canon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyrock View Post
    Id guess Arthas body is in an unmarked grave in Lordaeron or something
    There actually is an unmarked Lordaeron grave in Stormwind cemetery.

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    The best part about this thread is that it is entirely based on a missunderstanding about a minigame played on a PTR with its participants to test features and somehow people here are thinking it is a thing that is going to be implemented.
    "You're the new mailman of Azeroth"
    "someone forgot to loot invincible reins, you have to go up to icecrown and loot the body to return invincible to its owner"
    *pics of blood elf beach party with invincible"
    I mean c'mon guys, I know you milenial aren't rly good at reading, but this is getting way out of hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daevied View Post
    that Johnny Awesome making a fool of myself one more time
    actuallty in this one we are the fools, we get it, bring it to him and he says "silly you, i allready got it last week, so this week i just left it on the body, get rid of it for me"

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    I didn't realize Invincible was a rare drop. I got it during my first ICC. I had no idea people grind for it but it's my favorite mount so cool.

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