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    Wow, the forum support for this game is a complete joke.

    So I was suspended from the official HOTS forums a few days back for saying the word "shit". For saying..."shit". Suspended "obscene language"! Furthermore, I didn't even try to curcumvent the profanity filter...it was filtered out. And I used in as a substitute for "stuff"...instead of "stuff" I said "shit".

    I tried to appeal 3 times so far to no avail. Honestly I'm just so frustrated with it. I feel like there's no incentive for them to overturn the initial ruling, and it's not like a typical support hotline where you can say "alright, let me talk to the manager" and try to get someone else, the person you got is the person you got.

    It feels like the support system is terrible...it reminds me of a time a got my first and only traffic ticket for speeding. I had to pay the fine BEFORE the date I could appeal, and, of course, the judge didn't overturn the ruling. I strongly suspect it's because they already had my money...why overturn it? What are they gunna do, cut me a check like "oops, we're sorry, here's your 100 bucks back!" Hell no.

    Same with this. There's no incentive for support to actually help a person with this issue. If they overturn they're admitting they made a mistake in the first place, so even if it's the right thing to do they'd rather just avoid it at all costs. The system is titled against the customer, and there's no accountability for the support staff.
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