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    Profitable? Goblins started the war for money! Nah, that would be too good of a plot twist for Blizzard.

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    Alliance will win the Battle for Azeroth. We are always at the top .

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    Somewhat awkward, "Azeroth is burning", considering what's going on in LA right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yelmurc View Post
    Thats all your opinion, the Alliance being on top is fact.
    My favorite part of this is, taken entirely out of context, it looks like he's cheering on Alliance. A perfect example of that phenomenon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excellion View Post
    Sorry...more like the opposite. Sorry...

    Alliance gets three!

    Horde gets two new models...

    Alliance gets a shithole like Undercity and plague covered areas surrounding it

    Horde gets bunches of lovely wooded areas and scenic lands

    So yeah...Horde getting shafted is the opinion...unless you'd rather trade all of that for a card back you'll probably never use if you even play HS.
    Having better shit doesn't mean you won. Just looks at the world today, usually it just means you whined more. Plus it is kind of an even trade, we get beautiful Stormwind, Gilneas, Ironforge, etc..., Horde keep their crappy mud huts and some buildings made of wood, and now a burnt down tree and buildings made of rotting wood, it is all perspective. Plus with Sylvanas, most of the Horde areas will be covered in plague soon enough.

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    can't wait to seehow the alliance destroy the undercity.

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    of course alliance is on top of the cardback... afterall there are VERY FEW Alliance heros.... oh wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadzooks View Post
    Somewhat awkward, "Azeroth is burning", considering what's going on in LA right now.
    To be fair, the quote was made long before the wildfire. Plus, the world isn't just the US, and things are pretty much burning, exploding, or otherwise calamity-ing about. There's never a perfect time for something like this.

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    Looks really awesome

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    Horde is on the bottom because the Alliance are so weak the Horde needs to carry them.

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    this is cool

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    Awesome card back, wish I saw it more in game when playing. Design is really nice, gives a nice feel of Alliance on the top boasting themselves as usual and Horde being below as the "Underdogs"

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