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    MM Hunter Antorus Trinket Buffs


    what about the Antorus trinkets after the recent buffs? are they now usable?
    I have the Prototype Personnel Decimater (Mastery+Damage Proc) and I actually like it. It does between 5% (ST) and 8.5%(AOE) of my damage.
    I saw a Hunter with Terminus Signaling Beacon, also Mastery + Damage proc, and it had and even higher percentage of the hunters DPS.

    Who has experience with the other trinkets expect for the ojnes from Argus the Unmaker which are obviously awesome?

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    The trinket sims on my guides have been updated. Nothing overwhelmingly changes, the things that were decent before are now decent as well. PPD is now a decent trinket for Marksmanship Hunters. Otherwise, it's all kind of boring.

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    The Golganneth's Vitality seems good vs stationary targets but when adds or the boss moves the whirlwind doesn't give the full damage benefit.
    Raidbots has it marked as the best in slot, but doesn't it lose some value when it doesn't fully damage mobs/bosses? Every time I see a whirlwind
    with no mobs in it's vicinity I think.. what a waste.

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    See and I just thought the tanks hated me and felt, I should do less damage. :P
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    Trinkets have been a hot steaming pile of shit this expansion. It just seems like the devs have given us our BiS by circumstance via other classes having the same trinket(CoF) be even STRONGER for them. Face it. Hunters have been at the back of the bus this entire expansion always been last to be thought of/iterated on.

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    The issue I don't understand is that something like CoF gets nerfed because it's too strong, yet an 880 arcane still beats out almost all other trinkets until heroic ilvl, and even then only some are ahead of it while other break even.

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    In blizzards mind, going back and doing old content does not equal pure rng of getting a relinquished trinket. When the odds for dps is like 1:144 while healers/tanks have it like half as hard to get an arcano. Good luck getting a 99% parse without having an Arcano.

    I stopped tracking how many trinkets I had bought on my hunter after I surpassed 160. Blizzard will only fix things that are game breaking and unfortunately Arcano isn't which is total bullshit because having a 910 arcano during ToS was essentially like having nearly a 3rd legendary item equipped.

    Its not as bad as it was now that we are progressing through Antorus but once people start getting Amanthul trinkets that already have an Arcano, good luck EVER beating them on damage.
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