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Thread: Specter macro

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    Specter macro

    Are you guys using specter with a macro ? I sometimes miss my 3rd shadowstrike when i press my Specter seperately. If you guys are using a macro, did you bound it with Symbols or shadow dance ?

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    I've heard of people saying to macro Specter with Dance since you're never going to hit it otherwise. I never bothered personally since I use the same key for all my on-use trinkets and don't want to forget to use other ones because I'm used to a macro doing it for me.

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    You might not want to do that because many bosses get re-positioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiki854 View Post
    What is specter?
    Specter of Betrayal, trinket from Kil'jaeden.

    I need to learn how to play sub now that we're in antorus but as a mut rogue, I just macro it to mutilate, since you want to overlap the effect within 10 seconds of it expiring so you get both specters activated for their full time. On fights with lots of movement it makes more sense to use a different trinket so it's ok to macro it with something you'd be using pretty consistently.
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