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    Help Me Find This Robe :)

    I found this robe with MogIt. It's supposedly the Grievous Gladiator Felweave Raiment. But I can't figure out where to buy it. I did find the Prideful Gladiator Felweave Raiment, but it's much lighter I love how dark the Grievous is. Help! And thank you

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    Elite version of the Grievious Gladiator and Prideful Gladiator PVP sets. I don't think it's obtainable any more, or if it is you'd need 2000+ PVP rating.

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    It's the elite recolor and is not obtainable (even if you have 2k rating).
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    Out of luck, my friend. WoWhead lists that as "no longer available". According to WoWhead, that image belongs to the "elite" version of the Grievous Gladiator Felweave Rainment.
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