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    Been playing since vanilla and always had multiple alts.

    Every xpac I would have about 4 or 5 alts at max level.

    By MoP I had 2 or more of every class at max or near max (Except Hunter because it's my main)

    Right now in Legion I have every class at max level.

    I have tried every single spec in the game EXCEPT Holy Paladin.

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    I have never been in the Basin in Northrend with like 8-9 characters to max level. I don't even know what it looks like. I just knew it had 0 scourge lore / presence and if I was going to Northrend I wanted to fight scourge. I don't have it explored even 1 area on any toon

    Anything involving titans I really don't give 2 shits about.

    Been playing since Vanilla pre-WSG AV.

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    I've never leveled as alliance. FOR THE HORDE !!

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    I’ve never levelled anything to max level that wasn’t a Paladin.

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    Never tried to become top level PvP player.

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    Right now pet dungeons and I have done like 3 rated BGs in my life but I still consider that as never having really done them. Barrier for entry is too elitist imo even "yolo" requires dumb ratings it seem.

    Never completed a mythic equivalent raid when it was current content. Never done the stranglethorn fishing tourney... there's a lot more but those are off the top of my head.

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    Playing a heal spec outside of lowlvl dungeons.

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    The selfie thing definitely, I don't even have it. Then I've also never raised a pet to max level, I got bored with the first ones and just stopped caring. I never did a rated BG either and the though of having to do that shit for my last missing weapon skin still makes me retch.

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    So much salt against pet battles. Makes me happy, because it's one of my favorite features.

    I've never done RBGs.+

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    I never played a mythic raid. But i played raids in classic. So its on a level close to it.

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    Great thread!
    As convicted PvP hater, I’ve never set foot in Arena or rated BG..

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    not much i have NOT done.

    as most will be aware i have a huge following in game and on these forums so my accomplishments speak for themselves.

    i have a huge following in game and on these forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulSoBreezy View Post
    same with me. I don't think I ever unsubscribe since I started playing in Vanilla.

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    I've never been to Goldshire inn on a RP server...


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    I've never been in a guild that was made up of more than Me, Myself and I. (aside from the temp people I paid to sign my charter to start of course)

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    I've done it all, baby. I'm the best of the best. Creme of the crop.
    Do not mock the image of a god.

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    Never roleplayed or used the twitter thingy mentioned in previous posts. I was going to say arena, but I recall doing a bit of that on my sister's account before I got my own (On which I've done 0 arena battles).
    Isn't it ironic how education is important, yet people forget all about it when they visit the internet?

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    no selfies, pet battles, gnome or goblin characters.
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    Never did ashran once
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonus View Post
    Anyway stop being such an ass fucktard.
    Quote Originally Posted by oblivium666 View Post
    Would you kindly go fuck yourself?

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    Never played a brawl, never got into ashram, never liked pvp, never did the pet battle dungeon

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