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    Rated Battlegrounds because I dislike pvp.
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    Never failed
    Never been bad
    Never did something wrong.

    Ohh wait, I've done all those.

    But I've never actually enjoyed the multiplayer part of the game, cause people are assholes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    its sad to say, but same here (wether banned nor takin break). i better do not say when i subscribed. and now i have to go to polish my bronze orc statue. .... or ... dont know.
    Subbed first month, have my statue still boxed and on a shelf somewhere.
    Nothing to be ashamed about =).

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    Never taken a selfie.

    Never done a rated BG.

    Never gave a crap what anyone else thought about how I play the game, or what they thought about my gear, stats, etc.

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    Never kissed a girl.

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    I've never twittered my achievements

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezark View Post
    Never managed to get through an LFR without facepalming .
    gonna have to go with this as well.

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    I've always mained Horde, but I've never leveled a Blood Elf and I've never made a death knight or paladin.

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    I never played Wintergrasp in wrath.

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    .... rolled a toon on any RP server.

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    I've never entered a rated BG or arena. I hate making up teams manually. But if there will be group finder for that too, then I would definitely try it.

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    Never done a Rated BG
    Never even learned Per Battles
    Never done anything Mythic +
    Never Raided above normal i guess. Last time i raided was in Vanilla and a little bit into TBC.
    Never taken a selfie.
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