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    Thoughts on Rogues & professions...

    I started playing WoW at the end of Wrath as a Combat Rogue, and have stuck with Outlaw, but only really played the last two expansions (WoD & Legion) enough to level my toon, but no more...

    Pretty much have been Mining / Engineering since Wrath, but have dabbled with different professions in WoD; Leatherworking & Alchemy, the garrison gave me enough to stick with two crafting professions for awhile...

    Anyway, currently Mining (leveling for the third time) & Engineering, but thinking of going Herbalism & Alchemy so I can have all my flasks / pots / elixirs without getting robbed at the AH (and maybe do some AH robbery myself) + that double time on personal use...

    What are you all using for professions, is there even a Min / Max go to, or is that a thing of the past...?
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    EVen if there's a difference in DPS just because the professions the outcomes are probably smaller in % than a random relic trait... To be honest I think that no one should even waste their time and resources for getting better professions just for the DPS gain(if there's even one?).

    I had skinning + LW up to wotlk and then changed to Engi+LW, because you had awesome perks for Arena/PvP (turbo boots etc), but I think right now I'm using them only for other things than DPS(glider, boots, harness etc.).

    Anyway - I made my DH skinning/mining, so he can gatehr resources for my main(untill Legion I was just buying the mats and I was still fine - got plenty of money).

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    It's a thing of the past save for a few miniscule advantages. And engineering. All those toys.
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