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    Classic WoW - My Fresh Take

    So I played WoW from launch pretty much straight through 3 expansions. I quit somewhere around the middle of Cataclysm, not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because I was moving to Asia for a new career. I missed Pandaria (sadly because I love Asian culture), WoD, and most of Legion. So that's 6 years I've been out of the game.

    I renewed my sub a weeks ago and made a Pandaren Warrior because I was so lost trying to figure out what to do with my level 85 characters, I figured starting from scratch was best. I was having fun leveling. Although it was beyond easy and I never had to worry about dying, the Pandarin starting zone was fun. Dinged level 20 in less than 2 afternoons of playing, and decided to run Deadmines for some gear. That's where the fun stopped. From the moment of zoning in, to the end boss, it was just a bumrush. Literally, nothing could kill us. I had trouble distinguishing bosses from regular mobs. There was no teamwork. Just 5 strangers mashing their buttons and each getting their own loot after certain mobs.

    I never logged in again after that 1 Deadmines run. There was no fun. No social aspect. No teamwork. No RPG aspect to the game.

    I later decided to find a way to play Vanilla wow to see if it was just nostalgia or if it really would be more fun than my abysmal Legion experience. And after a few weeks of playing casually, I can say it is superior in almost every way. I'm level 30 currently and having a blast. Quests take time, thought, and strategy to complete. Dungeons are challenging! Even Deadmines requires you to work together as a group to win. It's not streamlined. It's not easy. So each accomplishment you reach, fills you with pride. You fight for bag space (especially as a hunter). You read quest text. You're impressed with the stoylines of the zones you quest through. You have to have a mining pick, skinning knife, or fishing pole in your bags if you want to do those things. You have to use the WHOLE capitol city to train, up your professions, auction items, etc. You have to learn how to use new weapons from weapon trainers.

    In short the RPG aspect of the game is back. You're not playing what has essentially been dumbed down to a fantasy FPS like retail WoW has.

    So, I'm here to tell you, that the nay sayers are wrong. It's not mere nostalgia. The social aspect of the game is real. On my server already, I know large number of people who I run into looking for the same dungeons or elite quest groups. You quickly learn who is good and who is bad. Who is friendly and who is a jerk. Rivarlies pop up on PvP servers all the time.

    This is real WoW. This is what it was at its HEIGHT. When celebrities like Mila Kunis and Vin Diesel played along side us. If you give it a try and don't agree with me, that's fine. But I sincerely believe, Classic wow will remind people what an MMORPG is supposed to be.

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    All well and good. Thanks.

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