Note: this post was already here for a few days and then got moved because someone had huge problems about how a recruitment post find it's place here when the site has recruitment specific forums. I knew it did, but I posted this here anyway because let's be real, the recruitment forum of mmo champ is for current content guilds (i.e. legion focused guilds). I would ask this not to be moved because not many people actively go to recruitment forums here to look for a legacy guild. I posted this here so more people could see it and then without giving it any previous thought realise that this is something they'd pheraps like to do. Below is a copy of the original post:


Hello everyone. I want to spare you the lengthy post that most people won't bother reading and instead just cut to the chase.

A week ago I started building a cross - server team of lvl 100 players to do WoD raids at an intended level. And yea, I'm aware of the general opinion surrounding WoD and it's endgame open world content but I think it's safe to say that raids were rock solid. Because of this I decided to begin this project since there are people who never did those raids but are interested and then there are people who dislike the Legion raiding scene but still want to play the game while we all wait for the new expansion. Currently, we have 15 active members and are recruiting more to join us. We're looking for all roles and classes, especially healers and ranged dps.

Our raid days are sunday & tuesday from 8pm to 11pm. We only request a positive attitude and knowledge of the encounters before we step into the raid.

If you wish to join us either whisper me on server Kazzak or add me on battle net: Khazark#21615