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    A strange problem with my class choice

    Hello guys. So first of some history about me - I`ve played vanilla - Wotlk mainly druid and I enjoyed it a lot. Stopped right at the begining of cata and been playing on and off on some pservers over the years as the last time I was DK/Roug in Wotlk doing some high competition on one realm (it is pserver). I`ve tried legion at the begining and played retry + dps DH but stopped bcs it was my friend acc which he wasn`t using and I was playing alone. Back to the present I`ve started legion 40-50 days ago, found some old friends and it is great, but there is one problem - I cant choose what to play. I leveled a mage, geared it frost (up to 920) but did not enjoy the playstyle, leveled a dk, frost, did not enjoy it aswell - I may say that I did not enjoy both specs having tons of procs which are not rare but are 24/7. Leveled monk with the idea to play healer and once I got to 110 3-4 days ago I just lost interest, I geared it to 910 I think but I just seems to look for other class to try. I really want to exp the M+ dungeons (only did m+10 and loved it), aswell as the raids but I just cant get interested in a class enough to learn it properly and get better.
    So my question is, does someone have a similar problem ?
    PS: I`m that type of guy who likes to play only 1 character and invest everything in it, but this time .. I got screwed up :/ (also I think i dislike pet classes, bcs as I said I like to be 1 character, not a character + unit :P)
    PS2: Bad english, balkan stuff.

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    Try out a warrior or a pally, they are good "hybrid" classes, love both and especially warrior my all time main toon. If you want to pure DPS, Rogues are tons of fun to play atm, not to mention their dps it's awesome now (but rely on perfect legendaries).

    But I don't know what happened to Legion xpack, I mean, I always had alts, tons of them but NEVER EVER had all of them (maxed out in the current xpack). This time I've managed to put all of them (at least 1 of each class in 110 and with at least 900 ilvl gear), I know that the catch up system helped a lot there, but sometimes I get frustrated to not know wich toon to focus. In the prior xpack (I've played since vanilla) I always were 100% sure that my warrior it's my main ever and period. Now as I said dunno what is going in on but my warrior remains my main, BUT I see myself a lot of times wanting to play a lot of other toons, wich is not normal for me.
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    Seeing as you've tried DPS and a healer would you be looking to try a Tank?

    I play an Unholy DK which I find fun but 80% of the group content I do is as Blood.

    Blood DK's are really good currently
    Fit perfectly into your desire to do M+
    Lots of buttons, which aren't all "required" but make the difference between being average and being good - something to learn and invest in.
    You can be active or passive depending on talents (obviously some are better than others)
    Not many procs for you to manage.
    No pets.
    I have 1 Blood specific legendary (have shared legendaries) with around 940ilvl, all gear is from M+, I can easily tank a +15

    Seems like a good fit for you.

    Other than that my alts were War & Ret up until 7.2 and I have pretty much abandoned both for Rogue & Enhancement.

    If you didn't want to try Blood i'd suggest Sub Rogue - again it matches most/all your criteria.

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    These types of threads generally don't produce the desired result - please check online resources and check the class-specific forums if you have questions. Closing this.
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