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    The changes to Voidform are moderately amusing in PVP

    Same problems still exist with Shadow - zero mobility, shadow lockout = death, and only one defensive CD...

    ...But damn it's pretty funny to dot up a group of 5-7 people and explode into Voidform for millions of damage... especially with the instant-VF honor talent. It also provides a small nuke at the end of someone's life if timed correctly... Mind Blast -> SWD x2 -> VF -> Void Bolt is a decent set of nukes.

    Are spriests generally considered terrible in PVP, though?

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    I PvP quite a lot and I agree but I don't care about the squishyness.

    It all comes down to enemy team, if they know that Shadow must be CCd and killed ASAP, yeah - might as well just run around and take pretty pictures with SELFIE cam.

    I once reached 850k in Deepwing Gorge, the enemy team was clueless yet their healers who were Gods kept them up and they never tried with other bases so I just DoTed and everything that moved in mid. Sustained it for solid 25 seconds.

    In smaller BGs like WSG it can be a struggle. But bigger maps are a joy to play.
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    If a SPriest is left to free cast they will top the damage meters. We can pump out tons of multi-target damage and once Void Form hits we can burst a single target quite well. We are a bit of a glass cannon. Low mobility and we very susceptible to melee. We can wreck if left alone but if tunneled you might as well just run-in and disperse just to distract the other team for a few seconds and let your teammates do the work.

    SPriest can do well in arena and very well in RBG's but we must have a babysitter for peels.
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