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    This graph is amazing and I agree! Lmao!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artaeum View Post
    Sadly common sense isn't so common when it comes to Blizzard, but one can hope.
    I’ve never known them to fuck up when it comes to money. WoW has a good marketing team, they should be pushing the devs to get the four non-Kul Tiras/Zandalari allied races out ASAP.

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    Yep this graph seems to checks out, it would be foolish for blizzard not to release them with pre order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilithvia Feldaughter View Post
    Because the graph is clearly fake.
    >Being this dense.

    Inb4 "Jokes on you I was only pretending to be retarded."
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    Way better then the graph from the other thread it tried to hard to be real.
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    That was Gawker. NeoGAF was a SJW cesspit too though. Imagine MMO-Champion but focused on "games" instead of WoW. Now replace every mod with Endus. and every poster with sarahtasher, and Tennisace That's NeoGAF.
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    Ok, sounds great, I love Anita Sarkeesian, I think she is an amazing mind, wandering human being, and has very important views on a lot of issues
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    We should show restraint and only post threadworthy threads for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    fake graph is a fake graph.
    just because YOU want something doesnt mean blizzard has to do what YOU want.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilithvia Feldaughter View Post
    Because the graph is clearly fake.
    Jesus, who pissed in your cheerios?

    The OP's joke post aside, I see where he's getting at. The content draught before the next expansion is usually pretty painful in terms of dropped subs and stagnant content (hell the only reason I didn't commit seppuku on the 10,000 SoO run is because those fucking tusks wouldn't drop and I swore to get them*). Being able to have the option of getting a fresh look at the world of Azeroth with new races would be an amazing in-between before BfA- especially since it wouldn't compete with the first couple of months of gearing their mains that everyone inevitably does after Launch.

    *I never did see those tusks btw. /wrists

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    It's likely that a few things are currently planned to happen that don't have dates finalised yet:
    - 7.3.5 hits live servers.
    - Allied Races are finished.
    - BfA preorders become available.
    - The first four Allied Races are a preorder bonus.

    They probably want all of those things to sync up as closely as possible, but right now they don't know the exact time frame for all of them. Maybe they're ready to open up preorders at some point during 7.3.5, but maybe it'll be later. Perhaps development on the first four races takes longer than expected. Or maybe it's all ready to go the moment 7.3.5 goes live. I'd imaging what they're doing right now is preparing as much as possible without having to officially announce anything, because dates could always change and delays could happen.

    Maybe it genuinely is all just BfA stuff that they're adding to the live game early (because why not?), but it would certainly be a break from tradition for them to include so much expansion content close to a year before it's finalised. That just seems like making more work for yourselves and setting your audience up with unrealistic expectations for no reason.

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    I have to bump this thread. Blizzard is already trying to nail my thread in the coffin. I must keep fighting.

    There is a chance that allied races might become a preorder bonus, a short while after the patch hits. This could explain why they aren’t in the adventure guide, however demon hunters were in the adventure guide in patch 7.0. Then again, that was an expansion patch, not a minor content patch.
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    And here it is folks, the best thread of 2017, it just barely made it

    This is how you meme
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    7,3,5 should defo have allied races ,or the very least have them in the prepatch before BFA.

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    Unable to refute such a detailed statistical analysis.

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    I love all the posters here who argue with the facts presented in the graph.

    OT: They said on multiple occasions that Allied Races won't be coming in 7.3.5 but I pray to all the Old Gods and Rapist Naarus that they change their minds. I want to prepare several alts of different classes at level 110 BEFORE BfA and I can't decide what class/race combos I want before I've tried the various new races. Plus, if I decide to have a lightforged draenei hunter I can't really prepare him before BfA which sucks.... so yeah... Plus I am super hyped about the new leveling changes (currently enjoying myself on the PTR while doing daily stuff on my main on live)
    Quote Originally Posted by Duravian View Post
    You say humble, I say beaten. These guys used to make games and then show us. If we liked it or not, they were still in control. Now we've got them beaten at every corner - Twitter, MMO-C, the wow forums, the infinite mmo news sites, etc. Blizzard has nowhere left to turn, they have been properly subdued by the ravenous consumers that we've become.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axcel View Post
    Oh the titans, the Forums are leaking again.

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    Allied races are not going to make me stay. Good content is.
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    January, February or at worst March. With preorder it shall come.
    Brothers and sisters, please, do look and bring light of your attention into this matter.

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    Well just my 2 cents.

    They need to put em in a good bit b4 BFA release. I have several toons capped and even more across many servers 100+.. Theres not much incentive to do anything else now. Leveling revamped? I guess but why would anyone want to relevel the exact same thing we have for years and its going to take longer when they are the ones that made it easier to catch up by nerfing total xp needed adding the xp boost gear. I think it sounds interesting but Im not touching leveling in old content until I have something new to do it with.

    In my 8 years I was horde for about 6 months. These new races make me want to play different things now. Im very interested it making new race/class combos to add to my army...Now as it stands its all just meh. But my gut feeling is itll be just like a prepatch event and from the way some stuff reads maybe not even every race will be able to be a thing until you can get in new content in BFA?
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    I Will be throwing money at blizz if they release the 4 allied races with7.3.5 and Op this thread is amazing thank you.

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    While I'm about 86,72% sure the OP is joking, I do agree that adding Allied Races (or at least 4 out of 6) way before the expansion would have people leveling or racechanging to them.

    I for one would be leveling them for the heritage armor alone.

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    Is that Brendan Frasier?

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    The patch is actually already majority adventurous. Ulduar timewalking is a huge step, the story looks to be massive and I for one am already very excited to level some new characters and maybe try project 60 for the first time?
    Some one in my stream brought up an interesting point though. What if the races are in now because they ARE coming with the patch but they require preorder to unlock. Would make sense as hearth stone patch included preorder cardback.
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    Hmm, but blizz have to do something to give ppl time to get an allied race char to 110 before the xpac race in BfA starts. At least smthng like they did with DH.
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