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    Top 3 greatest threats (in WoW)

    Ok so im having a bit of a debate with a friend, we are trying to come up with what we both think are the top 3 greatest threats there have been since WoW's inception. The only one I would definantly have in my top 3 is Deathwing. Sure, Archimonde and KJ were both very powerful in their own rights.. Guldan, Algalon would have sent the "delete Azeroth" signal had we not defeated him. The Old Gods though powerful.. we have only fought very weakened versions. I don't think the Lich King would get anywhere near the top 3.

    So help me out.. what do you guys think?

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    1. Sargeras.

    2. Argus.

    And 3. Deathwing/The Old Gods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeebs View Post
    Defias pillager
    Gadgetzan Bruiser.

    Guy can one hit kill people who can swim for minutes in molten magma

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    Hogger or VC.

    Killed more players in game than M-KJ or M-Argus ever will.
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    The new and improved elevator boss in Antorus.

    Way way back in the day those tigers in STV killed me more times then I can remember so that too.

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    Vanilla pre-nerf C'thun.

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    Age of Conan
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    Okay, so I am gonna trap the blu..."FOR KAZ MODAAAAN"

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    1. Void Lords

    2. Sargeras

    3. Old Gods

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