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    AW relics still king for RET?

    just came back from 9mo break, at what ilvl should i ditch my old 880 and 885 AW relics?

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    With 940+ droping everywhere it's irrelevant. 885 is garbage. Change them asap.
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    Well Im guildless and have shite gear I wont be getting groups for much 940 content quite yet. I see like 895-900 in WQ the 930 argus stuff I am currently farming and LFR wing one was cruel and dint drop anything.. I guess i could try low m+

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    You have to control each and every dropped relic, if it's Crucible-Trait gives AW.
    You can get easy 910+ relics via Argunite on Argus.

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    The trait itself is worth about 3.6 ilvl more than a non-damaging one. That is before you factor in crucible lvl2 and lvl 3 traits.

    On it's own i'd say any relic, which is at least 5 ilvls higher beats it.

    The following should help you; https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/retrib...le-relic-paths
    1. add all 3 traits together from the table
    2. add ilvl from relic to it
    3. do same thing for other relic

    The one with the higher sum is better.

    edit: Rule of the thumb: In most cases 10 ilvls will outweight which traits it has.
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    Jeebus, I had not even heard of the crucible until now, I need to read and catch up here, I rushed back in to fast lol.

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    Here, use this guide, it will help a ton. Your AW traits are only really worth +3.9 to your relic's ilvl so add up the values of that and your Crucible traits and you'll see what the value of your relics actually is.

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    Also, downloading https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/simulationcraft, typing:


    Will get a copy of your character's stuff, what's in your bags etc. and you can go to https://www.raidbots.com/simbot and sim stuff there, from talents, to relic + netherlight crucible combos, to best in bags, all that good stuff.
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    Grab some gear from the Argunite vendor. It’s 910 guaranteed and has a high chance to titanforge in my experience.

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    Just read the ret faq in Discord

    oh wait no one fucking does that
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