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  • Escape Artist

    29 14.43%
  • Berserker Rage

    0 0%
  • Arcane Torrent

    5 2.49%
  • Darkflight

    17 8.46%
  • Gift of the Naaru

    53 26.37%
  • Will of the Forsaken

    9 4.48%
  • Warstomp

    10 4.98%
  • Rocket Jump/Barrage

    8 3.98%
  • Every Man for Himself

    4 1.99%
  • Blood Fury

    2 1.00%
  • Stoneform

    9 4.48%
  • Shadowmeld

    12 5.97%
  • Quaking Palm

    43 21.39%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teri View Post
    Rocket Barrage = terrible, doesn't scale to Legion standards.
    Rocket jump = awesome, as it doesn't need a "path" like some other spells.

    However even worse.
    Allied races:

    Nightborne :
    1% magic damage dealt (doesn't affect physical damage/healing/absorbs)
    1% less magic damage taken (doesn't affect physical damage taken)
    I put this here cause it takes up 2 racials

    Main reason I say it's bad when you compare it to Highmountain, 1% versatility simply is better in most situations, and only takes up 1 racial.

    1% versatility = ALL damage/healing/absorbs increased by 1%, ALL damage reduced by 0.5%

    On top of that Highmountain get another passive damage taken.

    I hope this gets changed before launch.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Indeed, and again completely outclassed by Highmountain 1% versatility cause it increases the Hunter's damage too.

    Now of course orcs got blood fury, but not comparing extra activates here since we don't know the exact power/use of the allied races either.
    1% magic damage is better than 1% versatility on magic classes if you have more than 0 versatility

    the NB racial is multiplicative, meanwhile the highmountain one is additive with their versa stat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumbasta View Post
    Rocket jump is great though. I use it a lot both in PvE and PvP
    Ok, but have you ever used barrage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achilles55 View Post
    It's not like it's the best M+ racial in the game or anything.
    Or the best DK racial,especially for blood

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    While rocket barrage is shit, i value the Rocket jump and the increased haste racial over it. Gift of the Naaru can be quite good too, i have a spacegoat mage with high crit and the heal ticks crit majority of the time, leading to a decent heal. I've never found panda racial's useful though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Video Games View Post
    Ok, but have you ever used barrage?
    no, but since you can either use jump or barrage (it's the same racial) it's rather usefull.
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