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    Tried it on myself, not targeting myself but just mouse over, and it returned a LUA error, but did cast innervate on me and whispered myself that "casting innervate on You!", but the /say was "<no target>! Innervate on you!"

    Just tried it on a holy priest in the auction house, same LUA error, no idea if it whispered them or not, but it did cast innervate on them, but again the /say was "<no target>! Innervate on you!"
    The LUA errors might come from a semicolon i forgot.

    The problem with the <no target> is the "PLAYERTARGET" and %T part in the macro. I was wondering how that worked in the original one hurl posted anyway. Those only return a value when a unit is selected.


    /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player]Innervate
    /run local r,s=" Innervate on you!",GetUnitName("MOUSEOVER",1);if s~=nil then SendChatMessage(r,"WHISPER",nil,s:gsub(" ","",2));SendChatMessage(s:gsub(" ","",2) .. r,"SAY");end

    This works. Only problem is, that there is no more space to check for spell success. So it will spam the messages if you spam the macro. If you don't want that, you'd probably need a WeakAura.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Your other healers must love you if you're wasting Innervate on an HPal, the most mana-efficient healers.
    Probably a relic from KJ progress

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    On use macro, just change /s to /w
    /cast innervate
    /say Innervate %T!!!!!!

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