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    I will share what I did at around 925 iLevel without Ekowrath or Luffa legendaries

    I used prydaz+boots for legendaries
    Bear Tartare food
    Agility flask
    Potions of power
    My talents were Brambles,Wild Charge,Balance Affinity,Might Bash,Galactic Guardian,Guardian of Elune, and Rend and Tear.

    Start of in Moonkin,pop a Potion of power
    Starsurge,Lunar fire,sunbeam and shift to bear moonfire.
    If you are lucky you have him below 90 percent health from that and he will cast his first drain life interrupt and get off a couple of thrashes and run out.
    I constantly kite around the outside swiping and dotting eyes with GG proc
    when adds come up dot them and thrash swipe they usually die very fast.
    Make sure you interrupt drain life asap
    never get more then 4 stacks of the debuff.
    This phase is about patient. If you take your time and kill off the infernals before phase 2 it will make your job easier.
    Use orbs as needed. I usually went into phase 2 with 1 up.
    Charge back in if you get knocked back this can save you

    Phase 2
    It is very important to get as much dps as you can at the start if you have no infernals up
    Keep your thrash stacks up and make sure you are not taking him ontop of Velen
    The first annhilate you can interrupt
    He will then cast it again this time mighty bash him
    Interrupt his first healing curse. If you don't just wipe it up. He won't cast this for a bit after
    kite in a circle don't forget it isn't a bad idea to kill of the infernals quickly by switching to them and mangling/mauling them
    Don't be afraid to pop orbs as the come up.
    You should be this time only have 2 annihilate stacks and be below 10 percent health on the boss. DON'T BLOW YOU LOAD YET.
    Wait till he is 5 percent. You need to have at least 2 Survival instincts,barskin and your ROTS up.
    If you can interrupt the healing curse you can cycle your cooldowns and pop your last potion.
    His last Annihilate you should be able to survive with your cooldowns.
    Mighty Bash should be back up. Use it
    Don't forget to circle straft and use your Challenging roar as well
    He will die if you don't panic

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    Thanks for your tips, they helped a lot. My own complement :

    Phase 1
    - I found it necessary to dot and kite the nether adds, otherwise I keep dying to them
    - don't hesitate to use the healing orbs, it's better than a wipe

    Phase 2
    - Not much trouble here, I interrupted and stunned liberally thanks to this weakaura which shows when Twisted Reflections will come up
    - Used drums and potion of prolonged power right after interrupting the first twisted reflections, makes the fight a lot easier

    My legs : Ekowraith (for the range) and Dual Determination (because I didn't have anything better, and an extra Survival Instincts helps in P2)

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    You should virtually save a healing orb for every nether aberration spawn in p1. Just have them come to you to bunch up, and before they start casting their aoe bump the heal orb to disorient and do 1 trash, 2 swipes and they're dead.

    If a healing orb spawns near varis get the adds close to the edge of his zone since trash with balance affinity can hit both the adds and varis if you position yourself correctly.

    Keep varis dotted with moonfire, and use moonfire to quickly nuke the eyes as soon as they spawn, your life will be much easier if you kill the eyes diligently and trash kite the infernal adds.

    The P1 is truly about add management. And not getting more than 3 stacks of Varis's zone. So trash from the edge of his zone, and only go in with skull bash to stop his drain life, dump some mangle and maul with 2x trash, and get out. He'll go down quickly and if you're not managing more than 3-4 stacks you'll have enough healing up to last between healing orb spawns.

    The second phase is all about abusing healing orbs against adds to be able to ignore them and burst krull down, while using your recovery tools right after each of his stomps as what will kill you is the stomp not his annihilate since the stomp is what chunks over half your health before the annihilate kicks in and makes your cooldowns insufficient to survive annihilate.

    Keep kiting kruul away from the infernals to spare yourself the agony of trying to avoid the knockback barrage from stacked infernals, but always stay close enough to get healing orbs after a stomp so you can be at high health to pop cooldowns before an annihilate.

    Annihilate cooldown order goes barkskin+ironfur>rage of the sleeper+ironfur>survival instincts+ironfur>survival instincts+ironfur.

    Annihilate is not what will kill you in Kruul. Not recovering properly from his stomps by getting out of the death zone quickly and healing up and not kiting away from the barrage of infernals or grabbing the nether aberrations off velen is what will make you fail. Grab the nether aberrations off velen via moonfire so you never have kruul near velen as him stomping on velen is pretty much a wipe.

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    In P2, Kruul does a LOT of physical damage. Keeping Ironfur up is key.

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    Most important in P2 is to interrupt his heal debuff and not to stand in the pools he creates as they eat you up quite quick, save stampede for critical moment.The more orbs you save from P1 the easier P2 gets as every mob alive including Kruul gets stunned when you use one. I saved Mighty Bash to the time he was at about 15% hp to try to burst him down the last %. Because even if you die when he's at say 3%, your team might finish him off.

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    Is this challenge still a problem? I did this for about 7 or 8 months ago, without any raid gear and any special trash relics or something. Legendarys were the Chest and Sephuz.

    In P1 you just run swiping and trashing around the defile. Put Moonfire on all eyes and the big ones. Use your shout the interrupt the casting mobs and cleave them down. If there is too much dmg - use an orb.

    In P2 same thing, just run around and cleave. Kick the cast and use ironfur (later def cds) on Annihilate.

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    I did a few months back at 909... I used the wrists and the cloak. The cloak actually made a huge difference in phase one which is where most people have issues.

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