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    Pathfinding broke since recent patch?

    Pathfinding algorithm seems off since last patch, I click on places and my character sometimes goes the opposite way especially in tight spaces like trying to gather seeds around the plant boss etc.

    Also holding down the mouse and dragging to guide hero movement rather than spam clicking seems broken too, not as continuous as before, worked fine pre-patch.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Found a workaround to the second problem. Pressing Return Enter seems to correct it temporarily. But yeah definitely something weird happened since last patch with drag-to-move.

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    Been happening to me as well. Not very often, I'll get moments like you describe, or the clicks won't register (not an issue of lag as far as I can tell).

    Much more often I also get certain spells getting stuck in spam loop. For example, I'll spam Diabo's W or ETC's E to cast it ASAP, and they will start casting on CD by themselves until I press Enter, which seems to reset it.

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    I've noticed it too. Especially frustrating when playing tracer.

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    it's been happening to me too.
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