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    Backstab/Shadowstrike Weakaura

    Hey, I want to make a simple Weakaura for my Sub rogue. It's a Weakaura for my Shadowstrike with Trigger "Action Usable". If Trigger is true its glowing, if trigger is false it should show the Backstab icon and not glow. Got the first part down with the glow but can't add the Backstab part, any tips?

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    Set it to not show if Shadowstrike isn't usable, then make another aura to show in the same place as well

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    WA discord helped me already.

    1) Trigger 1 - Action useable - Shadowstrike
    2) Trigger 2 - CD progress - Backstab - Not on CD
    3) dynamic info: First active Trigger
    4)Conditon: If Trigger 1 = true = Glow


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